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  • Experts believe the SEC faces significant challenges if it proceeds with fraud charges. “Courts typically prefer fraud cases that involve clear false statements,” said Fagel. “Transforming a regulatory violation into fraud, especially one involving delayed disclosure, can be an uphill battle.”

    James Park, a securities law expert at UCLA, added, “Regulators could potentially frame this as a case of market deception, which complicates matters compared to straightforward falsehoods. It’s a nuanced issue but significant enough to warrant serious consideration.”

    The biggest thing in their favor is a firefighters pension that sold at a lower than expected price if he had made the disclosure. They’re not wrong, but it’s a lie of omission type thing. We’ll see if it flies over the next 5 years of appeals and shenanigans. Meanwhile he wrote himself a check on Tesla stockholders dime to cover the Twitter fuck up. I’m betting he fucks them over as Tesla spirals into a crater.

  • Not an electrician, but I have a theory. Both wires should be close to 0 since they aren’t connected to the white neutral wire that goes back to the breaker box.

    You know this, but don’t do any of this without shutting off the breaker between changes.

    Often the white neutral wire is tied to earth ground at the panel and you’ve left the ground wire connected to the other outlet. Something at the other end (or along the way) to the other outlet is partially tying ground back to neutral.

    The white wire that you tested at 0.7 while disconnected is probably fine it doesn’t have a path back to the panel. The other one is suspect. You can reconnect them one at a time and I bet the 101V run is the one that blows GFCI.

    GFCI trips if the current going down the black wire isn’t coming back on the white wire. That missing current is probably going to ground and not in a good way.

    Water in an outdoor outlet box? Irrigation system gone bad? Bad outdoor light? Extension cord in a puddle? Staple through a wire? Etc.

  • The fingerprinting I’m talking about gets encoded in the screen recording too. Subtle pixel changes here or there over the entire length of the video. It’ll be lossy when it’s transcoded, but over the whole video it’s there enough times it won’t matter. Even scaling to lower quality won’t fix it and then it’ll also be lower quality.

    It’ll be like DRM, there will be people trying to remove it like anything else. They’ll break one thing and another will come along. There would still be a black market, but most people can get an unrestricted copy in exchange for money so there’s one less reason to pirate.

    Unless you’re actually pointing a camera at the screen, then OK, you do you.