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  • Making a single EV (the BZ4X that was half-assed) doesn’t count as embracing EVs. And Prius doesn’t come in an EV, only a plug-in hybrid or normal hybrid.

    Toyota has been putting out a ton of anti-EV and pro-hydrogen press releases and funding political campaigns to hamstring EV adoption. They have come out very vocally that they don’t think EVs are the future.

    So yes, when the most well-known “green” car company before Tesla doesn’t make an EV Prius, which would sell on the name alone, I call that pushing back.

  • You won’t respond to this, and that’s fine. But you didn’t answer the most important thing: Why did you post this oh so timely article? Did you post it to try and convince people why you think it is justified or reasonable or whatever sometimes synonym you want to choose (since cause and justification aren’t ALWAYS the same) that Israel is doing what they have been doing continuously for the past 10 months? Or was this news to you that you thought other people didn’t know about?

  • That post is not attempting to justify it. It’s explaining the reason. There’s a difference.

    Torturing a person to death is wrong. But if a person is a victim of rape and domestic violence over a period of time by someone and they end up torturing and killing that person, I think most people understand why they did it.

    Also, why did you post this? Are you trying to justify the actions that have been going on for almost a year now? Do you think it’s OK to kill 30,000 civilians and torture millions more in response to 700 civilians being killed?