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  • I once had to do three rounds of interviews for a level 1 tech position. I got the job and the company was mostly fine with no major weirdness, but unnecessarily drawn out interview process for a simple job.

    The issue was they have a had of doing interviews and that template was used for all interviews and they’re were not prepared to change it based on logic or reason. Independent thought was not encouraged at that company.

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    Surely the fault lies with the client who decided to sign a contract, fully understanding that it was all theoretical and based entirely on future projections, that may or may not be accurate.

    It’s not like he was lied to and thought that the ship already existed, or was only a couple of months away from completion.

  • I am differentiating between votes and seats.

    They are getting fewer votes than the conservatives this will obviously lead to fewer seats and then the conservatives but even under proportional representation it would also lead to fewer seats because they are getting fewer votes.

    What you’re talking about is the situation where they have very little support in any one constituency but wide-ranging support generally. That would indeed result in them getting a large number of votes but very few seats. But that isn’t what is happening here, they have a smattering of support in most constituencies and a lot of support in some constituencies. They will probably therefore win one or two seats.

    Under proportional representation they would get more seats but they would not get more seats than the conservatives. So by no metric that you choose to use are they “doing better than the conservatives”. In terms of the number of seats they are going to get they are tying with the SNP.