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    Nah. Only 50F to 115f is usable. What kind of weird ass datapoints are those? I mean 10C to 45C are just as random, but at least it aligns with something practical. At least I understand that 200C is twice what it takes to boil water. I have no idea how hot 400F is supposed to be.

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    Bosses are legally required to make up the difference to minimum wage if a tipped employee doesn’t get enough tips.

    If I tip a cashier, then we’re taking money away from the working class to give to the working class, which means there’s no net change. But if I refuse to tip, the boss has to make up the difference and the working class gets money from the capital class.

    Therefore tipping is class treachery. You’re depriving the workers of chances to take money from the bourgeois.

  • Iron Man: they are executives at the same company that developed the tech

    Black Panther: the bad guy literally just couped the government of Wakanda

    Ant Man: the villain is a former business parter of Pym

    Dr Strange: they trained at the same monastery and the bad guy trained for longer

    I think these fights are boring most of the time, but they’re not implausible. They have plenty of plot justification.

    Also the character who copied Hawkeye was a girl who was inspired by his heroism and spent years learning archery and martial arts and still sucked at being Hawkeye when she met him

  • There’s one example of freezing in space done right. In the finale of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Battle Tendency, Kars gets shot into space and tries to course correct with air jets, but then he starts freezing over, air jets first.

    In Phantom Blood, we were shown Dio’s special technique for freezing people by evaporating the moisture on his skin. This is to introduce viewers to the fact that boiling a liquid makes it colder. Kars froze because the moisture in his air jets boiled in the vacuum and became freezing cold. Kars didn’t know this detail of physics because he’s an ancient Aztec.