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  • I recently went there to buy a basic health watch for Mother’s Day and they didn’t offer it. They only offer it at select stores, even though it’s just small watch with small box. Not a no name brand either, it’s famous for being a working health watch. They also refuse to deliver to my closest store and i had to drive 30 miles to pick it up.

    The best i can describe current best buy is a warehouse store. They don’t put effort in the look or placement. PC is next to console games with games content. When I mean games content I mean everything popular in games like Minecraft, lego, etc. No clear understanding of children’s toys vs virtual games. The watch that i was looking for had only a small rectangular case. Not even fill with Apple Watches because Apple is a PC and it’s on PC section. The rectangular display is just Samsung, Gimami and some random brand I never knew. All over the $200 price mark, while the one I wanted is $60 (with current price drop).

    I left knowing I shouldn’t visit them physically for anything. It’s just a warehouse now.

  • Another “Steam Deck is the reason” failure to cover the fact that once Steam Deck dies out it’s users also leave. Valve has awful hardware history and Steam Deck itself only runs games because they are the ones paying for Proton. It should not be controlled by a company that is known to make you lose your games.

  • Not the strongest because Steam Machines with Alienware had problems and way too early during development of Proton that games couldn’t handle well. The controller was stolen IP and is still currently fighting the lawsuit. VR games are not great as people expected and rarely do new VR games arrived. Leaving the VR headset in storage for mostly the owners life. Lastly, the Steam Deck original has problems and announced updates or free ifix fixes just to not have drifting problems. Still the Steam Deck after the original has some issues with compatibility and deleting their data every update.

    The company has poor track records for hardware. Valve is like the Sony of gaming, they lie about stuff and make you sign up to download the game in their closed ecosystem.

  • At least try not to assume too many things from ancient palaeontologist who make things up because they didn’t have the technology at the time. The winged dinosaurs theory can’t explain many things about the dinosaurs. The very few were actual flying types and the dinosaurs who couldn’t fly aren’t realistic explained. The popular ember dino with feather wings was brought from the black market, there’s no farther research into it, the ember is locked away and only a few research was done. That’s what’s called bad research.