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  • I’ve never understood why GNU/Linux actually needs swap. Okay, I created a 4G partition for it, having 32G of RAM. I never used all that RAM, but even so, stuff regularly ends up in swap. Why does the OS waste write cycles on my SSD if it doesn’t have to?

    However, if I artificially fill up all 32G of RAM, the system almost completely freezes faster than switching to using swap as a “lifeline”. And it only comes back to life when OOM Killer finally remembers its existence and kills some f__ing important process.

  • It would be better for your nerves to just do a normal GNU/Linux installation. There are too many ways the installation can go wrong:

    replace swap partition with ISO contents

    For example, Ubuntu ISO has a size of 5.7G. But my swap, which you previously deactivated, was 4G. Either 2G, or it didn’t exist at all.

    move user data from C:/ to other partition

    The other partition may not exist or may have capacity smaller than C:/.

    replace C:/ with linux

    The installed Linux must also be stored somewhere. And there is also a copy partition for C. The same problem of lack of space.

    move user data to /home/$username

    From %APPDATA%? You would have to be a know-it-all to resolve the location paths and configuration names of literally every existing program.

    reboot into linux

    And it is at this moment that Windows will completely randomly decide to update and rewrite the bootloader :)

  • I used DuckDuckGo a couple of years ago, but they added their own blacklist of sites (pretty stupid), and for my language it started returning crappy generated spam sites instead of relevant results. They shouted at the top of their lungs that for my language they simply index the results from Yandex, but this is a lie, they are different.

    StartPage gave the best results, but they introduced a captcha that I got every damn request.

    I’m currently using SearXNG, which collects results from Google. And these are damn normal results, unlike other search engines that consider themselves the smartest and edit the results.