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  • Also decide what apps that you must have. If you can use the browser version or the progessive webapp version which is just the browser version installed that is probably better. Or if you do not need it on your phone use the browser version on you laptop.

    In the end though you will have some of these platforms for network reasons. Mostly things like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. Google is not one of them though except for android itself. You also do not have to spend a lot of time contributing to these platforms. Use them when you need to nothing more.

  • Did you do the web or PC version? Just curious regarding what you thought of the web version if you used it. I think going back to H&R Block would be my next jump if I cannot work with FTU or OLT. H&R Block was pretty reasonably priced this year too compared to TurboTax and TaxAct. TaxSlayer for some reason was not listed as certified on the MN tax site this year. Do not know if that is a trend or just a one of.

  • Supply chain attacks also show one reason that using older software like Debian stable may be a better plan for things that matter. All new software versions need some time to be tested and vetted.

    It also shows the importance of security in depth. That less is more in terms of code dependencies and complexity. That knowing dependencies is as important as knowing your code.

    I would consider the xz incident to be a success. The supply chain attack was found pretty rapidly. We have already seen many of these and we will see more. Ones I remember off the top of my head include Linux Kernel, NodeJS, Python PyPI.

    I would not over blow this. Security is an ongoing activity and all security is porous.