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  • She’ll be fine.

    Moderates like her already, and as someone who’s had to vote Hillary and Joe in the last two elections…

    It’s easier for progressives to hold their nose when they have the benefit of the doubt about how bad the candidate is.

    We’re fucking fighting fascism bro, her being a DA might even be a good thing if she’s actually down to fight fascists. Don’t forget before McCarthyism we had capitalists allying with communists to fight fascism.

    Hell, if she pulls a “I know the system, I know it needs fixed, and I look forward to being president so it can be fixed” would guarantee she’s the next prez.

    It doesn’t take much, we’rre just coming off the two worst Dem candidates in modern history, and still got a trump hangover from his term. So Kamala would have to really fuck shit up to lose.

  • Damn, I just found out Kamala is almost 60…

    I don’t know why I thought Biden would have picked someone young enough to be president after him.

    Should have gotten one of the “kids” in their 40s.

    We need to stop running elderly people, if Biden had done two and she did two after, she’d be in her 70s too

    We’re stuck in this situation where we demand “experience” but the people holding the spots that count for “experience” are decades past retirement age.