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  • Since I was personally called out here, Windows 10 was my last home version of Windows, but it was earlier days of 10. For work, however, I manage about 1700 Windows workstations and servers, so I know all those problems still. To be fair, I’ve been running Linux in some form since before Ubuntu existed. I think it was Debian in 2001 or 2002 that was my first Linux desktop.

  • West Side Story was made so that a new generation could understand Romeo and Juliet. It did well what this AI is probably going to do poorly. I agree that this is a dumb idea for a service, and I really doubt any of the current AIs will do it the original works any justice when it comes to wordplay, clever phrasing, or other subtle details expert authors put into their works. That doesn’t, however, mean that rewriting works to be more accessible isn’t a very valid thing to do. Hell, that’s what translation does.

  • VNC might have seen improvements over the years, but last time tried it, it didn’t handle high resolution/detail well at all. RDP can stream practically any media in close to real time, as to where VNC really broke down if you tried to change too much of the screen at once. Ideally, there’d probably be a new open screen sharing standard that used modern encoding and decoding to allow for high bandwidth connections smoothly. Moonlight gets close, but isn’t really designed as an RDP/VNC replacement.