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  • gun@lemmy.mltoLinux@lemmy.mlIs Neofetch abandoned?
    2 months ago

    There are some things that do change. In my case, it says my window manager is sway when it is actually river. So certain things will stop working as expected if it is not maintained. This is different from a game, because as systems change, it doesn’t affect how the game works if the platform it runs on can be emulated. In a sense, the game is still being updated because the emulators required to use it are being updated.

  • Ok, I’ll bite

    1. How has Russia invaded Transnistria? Transnistria was a breakaway region during the collapse of the Soviet union, similar to Gagauzia
    2. No one disputes that Chechnya is Russian territory. Russia cannot invade its own territory.
    3. Georgian military intended to genocide ethnic minorities. Russia supported the autonomy of said minorities.
    4. Crimea was given to Ukraine by Kruschev very recently. It is almost entirely ethnically Russian, and those ethnic Russians voted overwhelmingly to secede during a coup/constitutional crisis as the alternative was staying in a country where there culture and language are banned, or worse become the target of hate crimes from neo-nazi battalions as many cases are well-documented

  • Russia can then ingest Ukraine, continue to seed political distrust in Western countries and then potentially start another war in Europe a few years later.

    Holy shit this is the most mapgame-brained comment of all time. You mean Russia will get enough war score to annex Ukrainian territories, wait a few years for aggressive expansion to die down, spend some admin points to press the “sow discontent” button, then war when the casus belli is ready? Like a classic EU4 blob?

    Stop gaming and read some books.

  • gun@lemmy.mltoUnixporn@lemmy.ml[Sway] Distrohopping go brrrr!
    3 months ago

    New to linux. I tried this same thing in a virtual machine. I got a lot of stuff to work, but it seems like any services and daemons have to be installed on xbps because the ones from nix can’t be enabled for Runit, or at least require doing that in a different way. So I would install those services through XBPS and everything else with Nix-Env which was enough to get a WM up, but I kept running into issues installing other things.

    Now I’m running Void directly on my computer and I’m sticking to XBPS and so far it has gone a lot smoother, but I’ve heard about this Void + Nix thing a lot, but never really seen mentioned what the recommended approach to that is