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  • Yes, you’d damage the car’s electrical system. First of all it’s not designed to feed in energy through that outlet. It’s made to output energy.

    And most importantly: 24V is way too much. 2 times the intended voltage would fry most electronics. Your stereo, the power steering, airbags, … There is a good margin and car electronics are designed to be pretty robust, but you’re pushing it.

    I think they’re still fine because what happens is your car battery absorbs that extra voltage. But it’s really dangerous. On a sunny day you’ll charge your car battery beyond the 14V or so the chemistry can handle. And at that point it’ll degrade fast. The acid in there is going to start to boil, producing hydrogen, so in addition to a destroyed battery, you’re in for a small explosion if you’re very unlucky. And once the battery is gone it’ll start frying the cars electronics because now there isn’t anything keeping the voltage down.

    Get a switch that exclusively connects either the car or the solar panel to the bluetti. One switch that switches between two things, not an On/Off switch. And make sure it’s rated for the current.

    Edit: Or a relais that toggles between both. It can switch if there’s power on the 12V rail, and connect the bluetti to either or.

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    Hmmh. Why ActivityPub? I mean I suppose it’s alright as a standard for some turn based or slow trading game. But it’s neither very efficient nor suited for realtime. And having long (and descriptive) JSON messages, queues, … is baked in per design.

    And it’s not even interesting to a Mastodon user if player x sold y latinum to player z. So for lots of game logic we don’t need messages in a common format that’s federated to Mastodon, Lemmy, Peertube etc.

    I think a nice and not too complicated coding challenge would be to design a world that spans multiple servers. Players could roam a world, go through some door or portal and the client seamlessly connects to the next server. So that part of the world (the other server instance) is behind that portal. That’d make sense from an in-game perspective and won’t be that hard to implement. Basically it’s just like any other game, just that the client auto-connects to servers with some internal logic and not just in the start menu. And ideally authentication would be federated. The new server could ask the player’s home instance to authenticate them on entering the new instance.

  • The chips after the esp8266 are also very nice 😊

    Edit: Don’t mind. I was on mobile and only saw the first column.

    The ESPs are really nice. Affordable, nice peripherals and plenty of them. Wifi and Bluetooth are a dream come true for IoT stuff. And they come with crazy amounts of RAM. Like 520kB is plenty. And with the PSRAM we can also fit in seconds of webradio buffer, images and whatever. Also the newer ones also have USB so you can just mount them on the PC and drag and drop Python programs.

    I have at least a dozen of them.

  • Clickbait!

    Also the article mixes several distinct concepts that cannot be lumped together. The impending robot apocalypse like in the old scifi/action movies, ChatGPT, AGI and narrow AI that enables murder drones aren’t the same thing. And if they are, I’d like to also add “algorithms” and recommendation systems making us more stupid and disuniting society.

    I’m not saying it doen’t need to be addressed, but the argumentation is just flawed.

    There is one paragraph I completely agree with: »He’s “worried about AI taking over mundane jobs.” This would boost productivity, Hinton added, but the gains in wealth would disproportionately go to the wealthy […]«

    I’d say there is a 100% chance of this happening, unless someone steps in and regulates things. That’s the one thing I find nice of Mark Zuckerberg (and a few others), that he gives state of the art language models to the people and enables them to take part in AI at all. Other than that, it’s a game that is entirely directed and controlled by the rich and large tech companies. And we shouldn’t rely on them (or Mark Zuckerberg) shaping our future.

  • Das ist wirklich mies. Und gibt es leider viel zu oft. Hausierer und Drückerkolonnen die den Omis/Opis Verträge andrehen, Firmen die alle Festnetztelefone anrufen und die Leute abzocken, Fake Microsoft Anrufe, AstroTV, und da heutzutage alles eine App und Internet braucht kann man überhaupt nichts mehr ohne das Risiko einzugehen irgendwo abgezockt zu werden wenn man ein bisschen tüddelig ist aber irgendwie noch selbstständig sein Leben bestreiten möchte. Ich meine man kann ja eigentlich gar keinen Fernsehen mehr gucken. Heutzutage funktioniert der schicke Samsung Fernseher ja kaum noch ohne sich dort ein Konto anzulegen. Und dann sind direkt überall alle Kacheln gemischt und wenn man nicht super fit ist ist es recht unmöglich festzustellen ob man grad fern sieht oder sich bei SamsungTV+ oder sonstwo einen Film kauft/ausleiht/ein Streaming-Abo abschließt. Ich find das alles ziemlich doof. AstroTV und Co natürlich ganz vorne dabei weil sie ja nicht mal einen sinnvollen Dienst anbieten für den sie das Geld abkassieren, außer 2min mit jemandem quatschen.

  • Hast du einen Brief von der Denic bekommen? Wenn ja, sollte dort der Code drinstehen, sobald dir Domain in TRANSIT übergegangen ist.

    Bist du denn als Domain-Eigentümer eingetragen? Schonmal versucht knserv zu Kontaktieren? Antworten die nicht? So genau kenne ich das Verfahren nicht. Aber wenn du als Eigentümer der Domain bei der Denic eingetragen bist, steht dir das eigentlich zu. Ich denke im Zweifelsfall wenn das Unternehmen insolvent ist und nicht antwortet, kannst du mal beim Denic Support anfragen. Und was ist mit den anderen Domains passiert? Laufen die dann einfach aus und werden nach dem Transit wieder frei? Dann könntest du sie dir ja wieder (woanders) registrieren. Vorausgesetzt niemand anderes sich schnappt sie dir weg…

    Den Code kann man jedenfalls nicht selber generieren/eintragen. Schau mal ob du einen Brief/Mail mit der Kündigung hast und ob dort etwas drinsteht. Sonst knserv anschreiben und anrufen. Und danach würde ich bei der Denic anfragen was zu tun ist.

  • These days you really better pay attention what you’re buying and what kind of ecosystem you’re buying into.

    I get why they check if it’s children with accounts they’re not supposed to have… I once saw a documentary about VR. And there are lots of adults enjoying adult content. Mingling in virtual bars and clubs and doing adult stuff. I’m not sure if VRChat etc are available on the Meta devices… But it’s not great that children are in those virtual areas. Not for them and not for the other people who want to do their thing. So I get why they’re cracking down on this and forcing people to use the correct account.

    However, requiring phone numbers, ID and credit cards is ridiculous. And lots of services do it. Google also restricted my account (for claimed suspicious activity) and now they want my ID. And I refuse to provide it.