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  • I think your take is outdated. Review bombs for non-gameplay, non-performance practices that do not affect the end user are commonplace today, and since the HD2 review bomb, have quintoupled in frequency. Racism and misogyny driving review bombings is also extremely old news, did you forget the general chatter surrounding the last of us? Nobody talked about the gameplay in a meaningful way, just the characters. Hundreds of medieval era games have been review bombed for “historical inaccuracy” and people complained night city (cp2077) had too many black NPCs. Hell, even ff15 had people losing their minds over the race variety of randomly generated townspeople.

    I don’t need to provide evidence, you need to be aware of games discourse. These idiots are everywhere. It’s also worth noting that in a lot of cases, it’s beyond the capabilities of a developer to gauge how large a launch will be - and being impatient while they scale a service really isn’t “giving a review”, it’s complaining that you can’t play. Wayfinder is a solid recent example, they accepted help from Digital Extremes for their initial launch, then when those servers were far less powerful than they were led to believe, ditched their publisher and refocused the game from an MMO to a session-based co-op title (and it’s going great).

    Tl;Dr: you are asking for evidence that is LITERALLY EVERYWHERE people talk about games online, from steam reviews to forum discourse. These have been awful places to learn about games for eons, and you come across as a reactionary that doesn’t actually play games when you give them undue credit

  • Okay, but what about pre-steam DRM? But what about services that have existed for less time and actually done the slippery slope shit you’re cowering in your boots about (Uplay)? You’re so busy listing possible problems and making problems up that you are not comparing and contrasting your available options. It strikes me that you are complaining to complain and don’t have realistic solutions in mind, you’re asking for either a rental system where you put up collateral to play a game or you’re suggesting that the developer only be able to sell a game once. Are you one of those crazy “first sale doctrine” sovcit types?

  • MMS video file size has a default limit set by your provider. However, basically every phone has RCS available by default these days - which will be used in these cases automatically, within the same messages app - except when Apple refuses to allow it because of cross platform interaction.

    You stated that iMessage provided this benefit, and it doesn’t; it isolates this benefit from being used. “Depends on the app” is just false. It’s “depends on the hardware” - google messages even recently expanded RCS support to phones that didn’t support it for one reason or another it in April. These data limitations haven’t been saving people from issues for over a decade, you’re conveying outdated takes.

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    You have fallen for the actual lies. iMessage doesn’t have higher quality video or images, it trashes the quality of MMS for no reason. Have a green bubble friend send you the exact same image on imessage and email it to you/send it on discord/whatever. It destroys the quality. Any other messaging app or even the default messages app on most phones won’t degrade quality like this, even on cell data; it’s being artificially degraded to make you believe iMessage has something other messaging apps don’t. There is no magical picture beautifier in imessage.

    You quite literally have to turn off the “fuck up my videos and images” setting to even get decent video from other imessage users.