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  • Of course we’re to that: the US is doing very little to slow climate change at all, is anything it is accelerating it. The natural result of this will not be food insecurity in the USA: it will be famine in South and Central America. Climate migration will see tens of millions of immigrants at our borders.

    And the government has 0 intention of helping them. It military will directly cause a mass casualty event at the border before the turn of the century.

  • “I want to make a movie so painfully obvious in its satire that everyone who understands it lives in perpetual psychological torment inflicted on them by all the people who don’t.”

    • Paul Verhoeven, director of Starship Troopers

    The movie makes it clear that:

    1. The bugs were responding to human colonization
    2. Humans fired the first shots
    3. The government is lying to everyone claiming the bugs are mindless. They overjoyed shouts of the soldiers when they learn the opposite is true - is only because they learn that the bugs are terrified.
    4. The endless over the top propaganda is supposed to be a pretty fuckin heavy clue that it’s a fascist state.

  • Traffic is about destination.

    Too many people drive to destinations on the most densely populated island in the USA. 72k people per square mile and dipshit Dan from Nowhereville can drive his car right into it without any concern about the traffic he is.

    The only drivers in Manhattan should be driving as a job. Bus drivers, some taxis, delivery drivers, construction…

    It is obscene that this ain’t a thing already.

    Fuck drivers. Expand congestion pricing to the entire island.