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  • The tool relies on community local subscriber count to unsubscribe and that value was not available from 0.19.0 to 0.19.3. I fixed the problem about 8 months ago but due to unfortunate timing, it didn’t reach prod from then.

    In the end, the tool is working. The only problem is, it doesn’t know if it should unsubscribe on 0.19.0 to 0.19.3. So it stays in in progress state but still federates the community.

    Once all instances upgrades to 0.19.4, it will work correctly both functionally and visually.

    @Emperor@feddit.uk @Blaze@reddthat.com

    Also @can@sh.itjust.works; the auto add feature is for adding new local communities to the tool automatically. With it, users don’t need to add their communities manually to the tool because it will do it automatically.

    But the federation is not relies on that tick. If the instance is enabled, it will subscribe to all communities no matter if auto add is enabled or not.

    I guess I need to improve the explanations cuz at this state it is so confusing :) Maybe a FAQ page could be useful.