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    Frankly, people act really weird in a crisis. Like totally unexpected behaviors and fixations on stuff you’d think you wouldn’t think about. Basically people tend to kind of short circuit when faced with an unfamiliar, panic situation. If people were acting particularly weird before the first shot, that would be suspicious. But once shots are fired, all bets are off for “weird” reactions. Haven’t been in a shooting event, but have seen people react to other traumatic stuff and it’s all over the place.

  • Depends on who his successor would be. Whoever that would be would have the momentum of a martyr behind them.

    As many folks pointed out, there’s no shortage of people with Trump like policies but are even more dangerous by being more competent.

    No, the only death that might have avoided the would have been zero assassination attempts and some death that couldn’t have possibly been an assassination even in the wildest of conspiracy theories.

    That shooter may have secured a MAGA victory the instant he pulled the trigger, whether he would have killed Trump or not.

  • Suppose I’ll vote on the grudge.

    He was registered Republican, young, and so likely part of Republican family. He felt like giving to Democrats in 2021 (odd year for a political donation). So I’m imagining a close family member who was all in on Trump and anti mask and anti vaccine dying from COVID-19. In the short term he tossed a little money at Democrats as some sort of small token retribution.

    As to why he’d miss, he’s likely barely got experience and hitting a target from a distance is hard.

  • Related, I predict Windows on ARM will be a massive failure, again.

    Windows is Windows because a critical mass of their market is terrified of being vaguely incompatible with any software they use today. Wine will never give them enough confidence just like ARM emulation of x86 will never give them confidence.

    Extra bizarre, from what I’ve seen the Windows devices vendors are treating the ARM variants as a premium model and charging more for them, despite having no real compelling story for the customers. You can either have an x86 offering that’s from all appearances just as overall capable and absolutely able to run your software today, on an ARM offering that is more expensive and maybe a bit less compatible, with maybe better battery life (either sincerely or at least a belief).

    Mac is able to force the issue because the hardware and software all wanted to make ARM happen and forced it, but with Windows on ARM, only Qualcomm really cares, Microsoft and all the device vendors would prefer to hedge their bets, which in this case tie goes to the incumbent.

  • I think this overstates the “you must futz with it” of both Android and the common Linux desktop. Broadly speaking, both are pretty much fine out of the box for most people and the stuff they are likely to want to do to Windows is similarly easy to do with a likely default desktop environment (I’d say KDE more likely than Gnome, since Gnome opts to try not let you do a lot of stuff and demands you have to do “weird stuff” for some customizations). You don’t have to play with “expert tiling-only window manager N” or go off the deep end tweaking to the Nth degree.

    Same with Android, though with even less likelihood of anyone bothering to go “off script”. 99% of Android users never touch adb, never do an oem unlock, never boot an aftermarket OS load.

    The fact that you can, does not imply you must.

  • In my experience, the vacant housing is not built without demand, it’s that the demand vanishes.

    There were two trailers where they would have been scrapped, but some relatives took then over and kind of refurbished them, and one of those is now home to another relative that would have been homeless otherwise, and the other is a “hobby” trailer until someone else needs it.

    Another is a house where the man died and the wife moved to a small apartment because she felt like she needed to be in the city near a hospital, but no one wants the house because the area is the middle of nowhere.

    Rural areas tend to have a fair amount of “nobody wants them anymore” housing laying vacant, but they all, at one point, were being used as housing.

  • Problem with taxing unrealized gains is that there’s a fair argument that unrealized gains are, largely, fictitious. For example if Musk said, today, “I am selling all my stock, give me 250 billion now”, he would not get 250 billion dollars, because there isn’t 250 billion dollars of money actually primed to buy Musk’s stock.

    Analagous, if your house went up by $150k, then they said “oh, you ‘earned’ $150k, you owe $80k”, your only way to cover that would be to sell the house, which isn’t fair because you were living in it, not using it as a financial instrument. However, if you borrowed $150k and used it to buy a couple of corvettes based on that equity increase, well that’s weird but maybe ok depending on how you ultimately pay back that $150k you borrowed, but at least in the short term, you made $150k appear out of thin air, which might be janked in the long term…