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  • Friend of mine never got their driver’s license. They live in NYC and don’t need one. They also were concerned about safety- they have ADHD and are prone to inattentiveness, and they didn’t want to be driving a car when that manifested.

    I have a license but I also live in NYC. I don’t need to drive. It’s pretty great. It’s expensive in time money space and externalized costs, and it’s often less effective than just taking public transit.

    Unfortunately most of the US is resistant to investing in mass transit and density, so it’s going to be shitty car-first spaces for a while.

  • I think you can change stuff around the legal definition of marriage and family separately from the tax break part. I’m not an expert, but if you’re interested in this sort of thing I recommend “The Whiteness of Wealth”: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/591671/the-whiteness-of-wealth-by-dorothy-a-brown/

    From another article about it: https://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2021/05/17/us-taxes-dorothy-brown

    Marriage puts the issue front and center, she says. Most married Americans receive a tax cut, “but there is a significant minority of Americans, when they get married, they pay higher taxes,” she says. “Well, as it turns out, if you look at Census Bureau data, which actually does provide this information by race, you see white married couples are more likely to contribute income … that leads to them getting a tax cut.”

    However, Black married couples are more likely to contribute income to the household in a way that leads to higher taxes, Brown says.

    For example, “let’s say someone makes $50,000. As a single person, their taxes are going to be a certain rate,” she says. “But as a married person with a single wage earner, that $50,000 household is going to wind up paying less taxes than that single wage earner had they remained single.”

    Census Bureau data shows single wage-earning families are more likely to be white than Black, she says. For example, many of these types of single wage-earning families consist of a working white man — a person who statistically holds a higher paying job than any other identity, she says — and a woman who stays home with the children.

    “On the other hand, the couple where both spouses are working full time and contributing roughly equal amounts to household income, they don’t get a tax cut,” she says. “That couple is more likely to be Black than white.

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    The main problem is it can’t be trivially based on income. You have to figure out how to tax things like stock and “I got a low interest loan from the bank”. Things that aren’t a check your employer sends you every two weeks.

    Probably taxing unrealized gains would do it? If you own stock that’s worth a shit load of money, you pay something.

    I think people also use stock as a collateral to get loans. That should probably not be a thing you can do to avoid taxes.

    Also there probably shouldn’t be a marriage tax break. I’m pretty sure that came from some rich asshole who didn’t want to pay taxes, so he said half his income was his stay at home wife’s to lower his burden. There’s a book “the whiteness of wealth” that talks about this, and how it tends to help white people more than anyone else.

  • Conservatives have bad ideas about nearly everything. They should under no circumstances be allowed to have any power. I’d even say they’re an existential threat to the US and the rest of humanity.

    It’s far past time to stop treating them as just folks with a different opinion. This is not “oh well they wanted to paint the bedroom walls green and I wanted blue.”

    Someone announcing themselves a conservative should be taken as a declaration of a threat. Removing them from power is self defense.

  • First, individually targeted advertisement should be illegal. Instead of trying to figure out who I am and serving me ads based on that, they should only be able to look at server side facts. What is the video? This is how television and radio ads have worked for ages. You have a video about SomePopBand, you advertise concert tickets. You have a video about bikes, you advertise bike stuff. You don’t know who I am. Suddenly, the motivation for most of the privacy invading, stalking, nonsense is gutted.

    Some people would still block those static ads. If they showed some restraint, I think more people would accept them. But that’s a sad joke- no profit driven org is going to show restraint.

    Secondly, if they can’t ethically run the business at a profit, the business probably doesn’t deserve to exist. That or it’s a loss leader to get people into the ecosystem.

  • I hope you like it. The controls are a refinement of ds1, but they’re basically the same joysticks for movement + camera, shoulder buttons for hands.

    Some last advice from me:

    • you don’t have to kill everything. You can often just walk away or run past.
    • you can almost always leave and come back later after leveling up, improving your equipment, or just clearing your head.
    • read item descriptions
    • pay attention to the UI. When you look at a weapon, it will tell you what stats you need for it and what stats increase its damage.
    • read the help text for the UI. I think you push select and move the cursor around to get the explainers.
    • HP is the most important thing. Don’t neglect it when leveling up. Stamina is also important. There are a lot of videos online of people getting one shot by bosses because they have like the minimum possible HP. Don’t do that.
    • dying doesn’t really matter. It feels bad, but you get used to it.