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  • Not who you asked, but did you ever hear of Valiant and their kernel level anti cheat.

    This is not a 1:1 comparison but anticheat software running in the kernel has the ability to monitor all other processes due to its permission levels. It can monitor all scheduled tasks and infer from that information.

    Drivers need similar access but for different reasons, they need access to os functionality a user would absolutely never be granted. This is because they interface directly with hardware and means when drivers crash, they generally don’t do it gracefully. Hence the BSOD loop and the need for booting windows without drivers (i.e. safe mode) and the deletion of the misconfiguration file.

  • Really don’t care much about my cv. This program is a great way to learn about the STIX protocol so no idea what you mean about “no actionable skills”. STIX is an interesting information sharing method, the program is well designed to educate the user on it and seeing the format it imports and exports data will teach me a buttload.

    More to the point, maybe could you be less cynical and share some advice. I’m not going to flex my qualifications cos they’re mediocre but I’ve got smart people around me who just don’t know this particular program and I’m interested to hear from those who do.

    Do you run this program at work or at home? Have you learned anything interesting from using it? Are there avoidable mistakes I could not repeat from hosting it? Answers to those questions would be very useful.

  • I dont see myself doing too much configuration with connectors to begin with which brings some of the difficulty down. I was asking to see if others run anything similar in their home configuration. I’ve met people who run MISP from home before so it sounded feasible to me.

    I was also looking for the community aspect of this, I already knew they had a docker-compose config. I wanted to know who had attempted this before and what they’d learned, that sort of thing.

  • I’ll go so far as to say that you shouldn’t click any links coming from a business via text. Nor should you call a number that starts with anything other than 1300 (again, if solicited by text). Go directly to the banking app or mygov and call the number on the contact/support page.

    If the fraud department rings then get the name of the caller, hang up, call the number in their app or on their site and tell them you just had a call. If they don’t know you, you just dodged a scam. Otherwise, continue and listen to them. If the fraud department thinks you’re being scammed, they’re probably right.

  • In the update settings she can reset her apt sources back to “default”. It’s not too hard and there’s a gui throughout the process (from memory).

    The package conflicts is an interesting one, if you have the time to post one of these on lemmy I’m sure someone will suggest a fix. It’s probably a apt install --fix-broken or something simple (hopefully) but I’m sure we could work it out.

    Totally agree that these are annoying issues though. See if you can use Nala, it’s a TUI front end for Apt and it’s got some nice user changes like if you run upgrade it updates and upgrades. It also has a fetch feature which finds nearby sources, so you’re always downloading from the closest/fastest source.