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  • I don’t know about this API blackout. I am talking about something else entirely. When Reddit migration was at its peak, registrations on this instance (lemmy.ml). The reason given was that the devs did not want to overwhelm themselves with the abruptly increased administrative and moderation responsibilities. At that time, Lemmy (the software) was facing significant performance issues as well, owing to the fact that that many users had not used Lemmy concurrently before that.

    On the other hand, I tried to find the announcement post for this. (I remember one existing.) But I couldn’t. Have I hallicinated an elaborate scenario? I am not sure. Will try to look again.

  • ksynwa@lemmy.mltoWorld News@lemmy.mlTime: Ukraine Can't Win the War
    4 months ago

    Should also point out that five police officers were tried for this supposed massacre. The trial itself was shady as shit and Kiev Independent acknowledged that the Ukrainian prosecution sabotaged the proceedings. Out of the five officers on trial, the three that were tried in absentia were conveniently given harsh sentences and the two in attendance did not serve any time, with one being acquited.

  • I like the Tarnished Archeology theory that there was a war between Leyndell and Mt. Gelmir and that Messmer fought on the side of Mt. Gelmir/Serpent god and as such was ostracised from Erdtree side. His throne is missing from the Morgott arena and he has snakes about him as well.

    But I don’t see any other lore slingers validating this theory so I am unsure. It would be cool nonetheless .