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  • Everyone I’ve tried from the Play store feels too basic compared to Nova or their rating is too low because of bugs.

    Edit: in hindsight it looks like I’m a paid shill for Nova. This isn’t the case at all. I’ve been looking at launchers for the past few weeks as I recently realised I’ve had the same set up style for over a decade. I don’t want to be the person stuck in the past doing stuff the slower and archaic ways when there are newer and better ways of doing things. I currently have over 20 launchers installed on my phone and I’ve been slowly trying some.

  • 💯

    I think the internet is broken in this regard. Adverts and all of the tracking is horrific. Pay walling a website for $5-10 a month is not appealing for those who only want to read a couple of articles a month. But, without monetization good content from people who are good at their job will disappear.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m team adblock everything but I am willing to pay if there is a new sensible solution to the problem figured out.