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  • There was definitely a lot of support for this merger - people see it as ABK’s “redemption arc”, and there was a lot of excitement around ABK games coming to GamePass / other platforms like Steam because of this.

    Ultimately this is how people think: What is in the merger for them? And they don’t think macro, but just simple things like “now I can finally get this game on [platform]”

  • It is not legally required for places to close for any of these holidays, and a large amount simply do not (whether it’s the majority or not I cannot say). I have worked in many places where I don’t get these days off.

    On these holidays… most people go out and go places which need people working, so businesses choosing to close on these holidays is their own decision, which they should do in my opinion, it’s nice to know that you and everyone you know is off. I don’t really care why we’re having the holiday.

  • Right, the point of the 4 day work week is that it will become the new standard for full time work, rather than the current 5 days.

    So all your points are kind of moot, as they will ideally be addressed through cultural changes, employee expectations, or regulation.

  • I have worked in service/retail, and this argument doesn’t make a lot of sense. Most service/retail is actually 7-day weeks, but the workers average out to 5-day weeks with rotating shifts etc.

    All that would have to happen is the workers now average out to 4-day weeks, with a similar level of pay (which is what the 4-day week advocates are asking for).

    The 4-day week isn’t about office workers, it’s about everyone.

  • Debian doesn’t push the responsibility to the user to finish setting things up though, it is designed to be complete out of the box, especially since Debian 12.

    For what it’s worth on my computer with a GTX 1650 and Debian 12, I am unable to use Wayland at all as the drivers simply do not work (yes, this is the nvidia-driver package, not nouveau). On Plasma, everything seems to move at a snail’s pace, and on GNOME the desktop is constantly flickering and showing old portions of the screen. X11 is perfectly fine though.

    On my cheap laptop with integrated AMD graphics though? Debian 12 with Wayland works like a charm and has no issues.

    So, I’m going with nvidia being the problem here.

  • Matt@lemmy.worldtoLinux@lemmy.mlHey Linux devs - Build a GUI or gtfo
    10 months ago

    Your issue seems less the command line and that things aren’t “working”, or the tools you want aren’t pre-packaged.

    Using Arch Linux was not the best idea if you want something that “just works”, as it works on a philosophy where you install the minimum amount required and then add things, such as drivers or packages, as you need them. In other words, it’s a distribution where you know what you need for your system. It is also a command-line centric distribution, so it’s strange that “GUI” is your bug bear when you picked one that deliberately forces command line.

    Regarding overclocking and GPU configuration, you just get CoreCtrl, which even has a GUI.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely agree that everything should have a user interface as much as possible, but the whole “Linux means you have to use command line all the time!!” is simply just not true anymore, and I feel this issue comes from people recalling memories from 10 years ago or using distributions where command line is necessary, rather than something like Ubuntu or Linux Mint where it mostly isn’t.