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  • I’m just saying it’s pretty convenient to your point that the DNC has been making it abundantly clear that they would take down anyone who challenges their incumbent.

    via Matt Taibbi yesterday on substack,

    I used to support Bernie Sanders; but he’s not going to be considered for any “blitz primary,” because party insiders apparently don’t consider him a legitimate or “viable” Democrat (while candidates Sanders stomped in primaries, like Amy Klobuchar and Cory Booker, are being considered). Marianne Williamson, removed from the ballot by the DNC in states like Florida and North Carolina, is another candidate I like who’s been effectively banished for having the gall to oppose the incumbent in this cycle. I liked Tulsi Gabbard, too, but the party slandered her as a “Russian asset” and effectively expelled her, on the basis of phony research ginned up by the Hamilton 68 think tank we exposed in the Twitter Files. I think RFK, Cornel West (whom I like a lot, as you’d know if you read my profile), Jill Stein, and even the No Labels people are interesting. The huge amounts of time, money, and effort being spent by Democrats to try to keep them all off the ballot through litigation are incomprehensible and infuriating.

  • I’m not saying they bring anything to the table that Biden doesn’t, except maybe being able to avoid his reputation of going around congress to support Israel, but that goes both ways as Biden does have supporters that also support Israel and if Republicans attack a candidate’s non-support, I don’t expect a democratic candidate to play much defense for Palestine to bring those people back around.

    I’m saying that Biden is unable to campaign and make voters aware of what he brings to the table and what he has done to make things better for the average American. Especially in the direct time after COVID.

    I guess if nothing else can be done then we’re about to watch the DNC learn another lesson at the expense of the stability of our entire nation because, mark my words, he (and we) will not be able to win this fight. The voters cannot be blamed for the failings of the democratic establishment.

    Even if he does win, the DNC will have learned that they can put anyone up and cede as much ground to the republicans as they want, as long as the other guy is worse, and I wouldn’t call that much of a democracy either. So I’d like to say that I hope I’m wrong, as I will be voting for Biden, but I really can’t argue against anyone sitting this one out either.

    I might be able to make an argument if they put someone else up, if they give me points to argue for, and I expect that might be the case among voters like myself en masse that argue in good faith and don’t expect all the heavy lifting to be done via team-based politics and whataboutism. That is why I argue for democrats to do better even if time is running short. It’s honestly, in my opinion, the best we can realistically hope for.

  • Sure, that’s the narrative they went with, but notice how they’re all on about equal ground with Biden and, unlike Biden due to his mental decline and his administration’s lacking ability to communicate, might actually be able to run a coherent campaign if given the chance. Voters are overwhelmingly voting for Biden because he’s not Trump. Any one of those candidates can both clear that bar and bring something to the table that actually motivates voters.

  • That’s bullshit. 4 months is an eternity in election year time. Also, like I said, on account of them all clearing the bar of not being Trump, half of them are starting at more or less equal odds with Trump (and Biden) with NO campaigning whatsoever. Aside from that, Biden himself staying in the race is doing everything you’re saying about the other candidates, all on his own.

    The complication here; for any candidate; is that you have to offer something more than “not trump”, campaign on that, and project confidence in defending your ideology and its allies. That is where voter confidence is fostered, not bowing down to some sunk cost fallacy. Biden is unable to perform on this in his current state. That is why his base comes down only to voters who both 1) don’t have serious objections against Biden, which are dwindling, and 2) are informed on what trump may be capable of in a second term, of which the effort to increase this demographic is either completely absent or ineffectual.

  • Buttigieg. Whitmer. Beshear. Pritzker. Newsome. Fucking Klobuchar or Warren. Literally anyone else that would announce their candidacy as soon as Biden got out of the way. It’s the fucking democratic nomination, somebody out there wants it and given the chance to campaign would be able to beat Trump by miles. Half of them are starting at more or less equal odds with Trump even with NO campaigning whatsoever.

    I’m not claiming to be clairvoyant but jesus have some imagination, a sense of object permanence. You’re not hearing about them because they aren’t challenging the incumbent president, not because they don’t exist.

    Edit: and yes, given a real primary, it is that simple.

  • Honestly. The number of people just on this platform saying “nobody thinks biden should drop, you’re wrong, you have no right to be upset with Biden’s team, and anyone who says otherwise is a bot” is seriously making me wonder if that narrative itself is the one being pushed by bots to sow discord between us. Who honestly jumps directly to “bot or stupid, no other possible explanation” when they disagree with an opinion so clearly held by a substantial number of people with nuanced opinions.

    Anyone paying attention would see that Biden, having won on razor margins in 2020, on promises of being a 1-term president, could not afford to lose ANY ground in democratic turnout. Every feeler they put out is coming back showing we have lost that ground substantially and Biden is utterly unable to campaign to gain it back. Anyone can be not Trump, not everyone can run an energetic campaign on their own merits, and that is overwhelmingly what motivates people to turn out to vote.

    It’s not a difficult connection to make and the assumption that bots would be the only ones to make an argument to replace Biden, after they ran a “primary” in which they hid Biden away from us and didn’t let even anyone remotely viable run, is just such an uninformed and arrogant viewpoint to witness in such droves that I hardly believe it’s real.

  • I’d argue they need to fuck up less than the alternative means of transport that we could be transitioning to if we weren’t so dead-set on being car dependent. So dead-set, in fact, that we are allowing ourselves to be made complacent; by billion-dollar companies that peddle entirely new technology to excuse the death and destruction to our environment and social fabric that they’ve wrought upon us and continue to perpetuate; instead of us demanding new iterations of the old, safer, more affordable, more efficient, but unfortunately less profitable tech that our country sold out to those same monied interests for them to dismantle.