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  • I always wondered why they haven’t been doing it from the start, seams like it is not as simple as I imagine.

    People will take it, there is no other option and G is working hard not to allow another video platform.

    Problem is ads they are playing are awful and loud. We will make way to silent them and black them out, it is not hard.

    Bigger problem is content they are pushing is getting bad and is pushing creators into burnout. And I don’t want to see videos companies are creating, but want individual contributions.

  • Looks like in the last year AI means “ChatGPT”. Which, for me, is just a bit better spell checker and search engine.

    People are surprised that they can “communicate” with it, but it is not something that will change the world.

    On the other hand Machine Learning and AI are being used all the time and are making jobs more efficient. Examples are computer vision for sorting apples, or machine learning for detecting frauds, counting anything on the drone or satellite images, detecting fires, finding ships illegally hunting wales.

    Every industry is using it more and more and is making peoples jobs better, it is not replacing people, but it is doing something we couldn’t do before. Example plant count in agriculture, no one was doing it before, but is easy now and helping everyone involved from farmers to sales and helps in optimisation.

    All this happens because of hardware improvement, nothing else.

  • Do you have an idea what attracts you to her?

    Do you know how humans choose their partners?

    \We usually choose ones that wake up our traumas. It is known emotion for us and looks like attraction, especially sexually. Yeah, we are quite perverse. You know that old idiom “similar to your mother”, yeah but not physically or obviously. For me it was that my mother, contrary to what she is saying, hated her father. That also means she hates all man, including her son (me). Keep in mind she is not aware of any of this hate. So until I discovered that, I was attracted to women that hated their father in the same way my mother did. They also hated, and were attracted to, all man. You can imagine how difficult those relationships are.

    Go get her, you will have your hearth broken. And it is worth it. But also find some psychotherapist to help you with solving this issue so that next one will be the one that is kind to you.

  • Sorry for seeing the comments now, but it’s never too late hopefully.

    Therapy helped me. Looking back first important step was noticing that I am angry. It is strange how hidden and unrecognizable anger can be.

    Second part is discovering why I was angry. As soon as we discover why are we angry, we stop being angry. When ai asked my shrink how does that work, he said “I don’t know, but it works”. And it really does.

    Now when someone says “I am angery and I know why I am angre” I am sure they have no idea.

    And I haven’t found other way to resolve that, than psychoanalysis as therapy.

  • how do you travel to another city?

    Usually by bus or train.

    What do you do if the city has high slopes making walking and biking too hard?

    Walking is good for you, biking is not too popular in cities with slopes, but electic bikes are changing that.

    Or how do elders deal with what other citizens would take for granted in terms of mobility?

    There is definitely less mobility, but that is part of getting older isn’t it? Usually they just walk a bit slower and use busses and taxies.

  • Current market is bad even for experienced developers, don’t expect it to recover fast. It first needs stop downsizing.

    My first idea is to find someone who wants to (or has interest) to employ disabled person. In my country there are some incentives and people generally want to help out by hiring disabled.

    Other option is casting a widder net. While tech companies are downsizing, economy is not bad. Try to find some close to IT job in non tech company where you can help them out and slowly grow.