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  • And because resources are finite, all else isn’t held equal. You’re giving up time spent working on gameplay or whatever to stick fancier graphic assets in.

    That’s not how game design works. The people who work on the gameplay and level design and dialog are not the same people who work on the graphics. Sure, making the game prettier takes more time, but it has no effect on how long the rest of the game takes to be built. And lower-quality assets can be used in the interim for things like scripting animations, with higher quality assets swapped in later.

  • “I regret using Dolly as the example for the point I was making in the article,” she told Yahoo! Entertainment Saturday. “As I wrote in the piece, I love her and think she does some incredible things for the world. We all make poor choices in how to frame things sometimes. This was one of those moments for me! Dolly is one of the few people who is beloved by all and who loves all. The world is lucky to have her.”

    You don’t get to pretend that it was an error in framing your message. You meant what you said and the only thing you regret is the backlash. You picked on an angel and everyone else rightfully gave you shit for it.