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  • That sounds incredibly difficult. From some of your other comments, it seems like you’re being really transparent with partners about your own challenges. That’s impressive.

    You are worthy of being loved, regardless of whether or not someone is actually showing you that love. Things can and will change all throughout your life. There’s good reason to have hope. Take care.

  • I am trying to imagine how the rows of this blanket would be formed. It looks like each row contains two different coloured fibers, and you’re forming knots with one and just working the other fiber in? Forming the knot around the other fiber? And it looks like different rows are using different pairs of colour. So at the end of the current row you’re dropping the two fibers and then picking up the fibers from the previous row and using those to start the next row?

    It’s a beautiful piece. I can imagine why you’d never want to do it again.

  • Seems like a solid article.

    I would have loved to see more said about the effort required to move from having traditional relationships to ENM relationships. Something about the article being a Dos and Don’ts makes me feel it’s targeted at newcomers, and having a healthy respect for how big that leap is could be really helpful.

    I found a ton of the information in Poly Secure by Jessica Fern to be just what I needed when I read it.