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  • I mean 10gb/s is already like 20x more than you would need for that and probably more.

    Having near 50gb/s is like, the bandwidth of an entire university campus going into your phone or something. Like just so overkill. You could stream 4K netflix over 3000 times over literally. Like, what could the use for that ever be? You couldn’t even write or store that much data on your phone lol.

    It’s like saying you are disappointed because your new car is speed restricted to 50000 mph. Like…cool? It ain’t gonna reach that so we’re fine.

    Which is why I asked if it had other benefits like better range or something, presumably that would be the benefit to be hyped over if any.

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    Seems pretty clear to me those extra updated features will absolutely be part of the base game. It would be really fucking weird if just the DLC areas had a different police system, improved AI, vehicle combat etc to the rest of the game. It would feel really jarring going from one to the other if only part of it got overhauled.

  • If he was destroying it for the good of humanity he would have to somehow destroy the concept of it rather than a single platform.

    Probably best spending 40 billion on education in the harm social media can do lol.

    I really do think he’s just delusional. I won’t call him an idiot because there is clearly intelligence and talent in his head, but he’s gone off the rails in some capacity whether it’s mental health issues or power crazed or who knows.

  • This part is interesting:

    As solar becomes increasingly widespread and electricity prices plummet in the middle of the day when the sun is brightest, some see a risk that the incentive to deploy solar power also decreases, said Esparrago.

    That makes grid improvements and the rapid rollout of storage technologies like batteries crucial, experts argue. But the EU is still lagging behind in that area.

    I wonder however how far we are from that? There is probably a lot of incentivising that can be done to get people and industry to use this ‘surplus’ daytime energy up surely. Its weird because its usually the opposite with cheap night rates - I know many people who intentionally consume energy overnight instead of the day because its cheaper. Flip that on its head maybe that isn’t as pressing an issue?

  • I mean, while that could be correct I also consider that if far right spaces get banned regularly then those people are refugees that will invade the next closest thing?

    Obviously the next closest thing to far right, is center right. Does that make the center right inherently bad? I don’t think so necessarily on principle.

    I disagree with conservative views almost entirely but its not something that I believe shouldn’t have discussion spaces, unlike far right politics which can just get fucked with their disdain for basic human rights, they don’t deserve a seat at the table at all.

    I suppose ultimately it’s down to moderation isn’t it. If conservatives want a seat at the table they have to keep their lunatics in check and if they don’t then yeah don’t see why I should cry over it really, and thats true of all online communities.

  • Yeah I mean the processing power and general hardware just got to a point where nobody really needs more. In fact my 4 year old phone has the same amount of RAM and similar processor to my new one lol. Unless you’re cutting edge 3D gaming it’s not needed to have anything more.

    I upgraded only because of battery life, higher Hz screen, newer android version, and to get a wide angle lens. Now I have those even its like…what next? Camera quality is all I ever need, screen Hz is perfect. I’m not sure what will make me upgrade next time but if I replace battery down the line and use a third party OS then maybe it’ll go even longer!