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  • Imagine your spouse taking a bullet intended for Trump, then watching him sell shoes to commemorate and profit from the event. Imagine witnessing these things occur as any person, and still thinking Trump deserves a donation or a vote.

    Edit - I know that no one likes comments about downvotes, but I just wanted to say that nothing confirms my expectations of Republicans more than the knowledge that some butthurt maga read what I wrote above, and disagreed strongly enough to downvote it rather than pause for one moment to consider what that would feel like if someone they cared about were shot.

  • It’s just too fucking dark for me. I don’t dislike a gritty show necessarily but I couldn’t make it through more than the first few episodes. It seemed good, but damn I have plenty of problems and shittiness in my real life, I like my entertainment to make me feel better, not worse. 😀