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  • Debug, you say? Windows is way harder to keep running than Linux. At least an immutable distro like UBlue. You don’t need to debug anything. Just get it running, get some shit installed over the top, and it will auto update forever. I’ve got lots of relatives living comfortably that way for years now. If they were running Windows, it would be a support call every week and a fresh install every 2 years.

    Now, Mac I’ll grant you. A Mac will also just keep running forever. But you can run nearly every Windows game on Linux and almost none of them on Mac. And Mac requires special hardware.

  • No, not at all. More like, if your car is broken you could also ride a bike, or walk, or take a bus or a cab or a train or an airplane. Sometimes it’s helpful to have solutions presented that you didn’t even think of. Like how you assumed that the only way to deal with a broken car is to fix it or buy a new one. That’s not true at all, and I’m here to help you explore all the ways to solve your problem, not just the ones at the top of your mind at the moment.