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  • I’m not aware there is such a list. Logically it’s mostly small countries where they speak their own languages where no big corporations that produce ads have any interest in. You probably will find some comment like mine where they mention certain countries but this can always change any day. Sometime there is a single advetiser in a country but even then you will see their ad much less frequently than the common US/English based ads.

    I can recommend you the Nord Vpn Firefox addon which allows you to only use vpn for certain domains which would be anything with *.twitch.tv

  • Same as on other platforms twitch ads are location based or in this case ip geo location. They are notoriously fighting ad blockers and have long been opting into ad stream injection which is why most common ad blocking techniques won’t work. Basically after all the custom script solutions, like vaft script, started failing l started testing around with VPN taking advantage of the location based aspect of ads. Basically there are countries where noone is paying for running ads. E.g. Czech republic. So basically the most secure way to block ads on twitch is Vpn to certain countries. However I noticed that you need to use IPs from that country for about a day. It seems they are caching your Ip for some but after that you wont get any ads. You can read about all known ad solutioms of twitch here: https://github.com/pixeltris/TwitchAdSolutions

    Also this does not work with the twitch mobile app and neither with the mobile version of twitch in a mobile browser. However it does work when switching to the desktop version in your mobile browser. So desktop version while using vpn on your phone should work. At least when I tested it last.

  • That is not entirely true. It’s a bit more complicated. Yes it is protected since the 1970s but it’s more of an academic title. You needed to study something that is “mainly” of technological or scientific nature. Basically befire the Bologna reform every student in Tec. Unis/FHs did get the title Diplom-Ingenieur. So the engineer part was literally part of your degree. This of course also true in case you studied IT. So yes there are many who call themselves IT engineers also in Germany. However it’s more of a philosophical question how much software development is actually engineering or rather craftsmanship.

  • No I am not sure, I don’t really see any error message, just a timeout. Not sure how an error of the DNS resolver looks like compared to any error caused by a timeout. However the DNS resolution should indeed be returning a different error, at least when entering a random non existing URL Firefox returns “server not found” instead of “problem loading page”(and NS_ERROR_NET_TIMEOUT in network debugging consoel). But what else could it be? It is so strange that the combination of Firefox and NordVPN extension does work, so it seems that the routing through the vpn network generally works, so it actually has to be something with the windows client interaction I guess.

  • There are a lot of forks of Misskey which are more popular in the “West”. I recommend you to have a look at Firefish, Iceshrimp, Catodon or Sharkey. Firefish used to gain a lot of traction but there was some personal drama going on with the original maintainer, causing the project to feel unmaintained for a while. Luckily the do have a new maintainer now. Anyway partially due to this problem some folk like the former community manager created a new fork Catodon. Iceshrimp also another direct fork of Firefish. So a bit of trivia from the FOSS Mastodon world. In the you might as well just use Mastodon if you are fine with the UI. But I love that we have so much variety in the FOSS ActivityPub World.