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  • I’m not so sure that’s what this is…at least at this time. The lower tiers according to the article are still a perpetual license but the support/updates will be an optional extra after 1 year. Current customers won’t be effected and they have a tier that completely avoids this.

    I’m not thrilled by it, but in comparison Fusion360 went from 70 a month to 85 a month without any real reason and this doesn’t seem like the same can of bullshit.

  • I can see that, for me though I support an entirely remote infrastructure. People are generally in office (except for special people) but all their computing is virtualized. Adding insult to injury is the fact that when I do have to go to a physical location it’s usually by my house. I have to go to the office to then turn around and go back home lol.

  • Not a furry, am in IT though…it’s complicated

    My job has A LOT of idle time and I’m required to be in office. At the moment I’m making 56k and yeah if I made (shit even 100k) more money I’d probably not care that much but the commute + all the idle time kinda makes me hate it.

    Which is unfortunate because the job itself I don’t hate it’s more of the environment. Honestly if this job was WFH even at my current salary that’d be pretty ideal to me.