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  • I think it may 100% depend on alcohol and/or THC intake, both of the person writing it and the person reading it. I believe those are the accepted rules as written in both the New York Writing Style Guide and the Chicago Writing Style Guide.

    I believe it fits under the section titled As the mood strikes; grammar’s mishaps’s and bewilderment

  • That’s one option. But Sandwiches’ is valid too, as it ends in an s and is a proper noun, it’s not exclusive to plurals. AP style guide for example requires it (and got a lot of flack when 's was proposed as acceptable).

    Plus sandwiches itself is a singular noun which is a plural word, so it’s s’ not s’s for most cases there.

    Anyway, grammar is weird.

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    Yeah, super crazy, had to look it up. Al voices a character named “Cheese Sandwich” (ffs Weird Al is amazing), who in a finale is shown years in the future to be married to Pinkie Pie.

    Apparently Cheese Sandwich’s personality is just… Weird Al. Which is also pretty hilarious.

  • Do you think a house gets sold every day, or that everyone ends up buying? Or that they even get that $15k as take home?

    The industry around home sales is absolutely gross, but the broker is taking a cut here. Not all real estate agents are brokers, in fact most are not. On average, most agents are making as little as $60k/yr and as high as $100k/year, region dependant. Average is going to be around $85k. Above that $100k mark is the top quartile, and above $130k-ish is going to be the top 10%.

    It’s not as lucrative as you think it is.

  • Maybe it’s just to me, but liberal/national coalition and labor seem like the two major parties, green is barely at the table still.

    If you exclude the coalition, national has 4 times the representation of green, and liberal 3 times that.

    Just my opinion here, but it’s still two major parties, with the thirds coming up in ranks and getting some momentum going. It’ll be a good day imo when the greens overtake the nationals (and maybe one day the liberals), but I personally don’t see it as representative of the people yet. Improving, but still functionally two parties.

  • I wouldn’t say they are wrong, I’ve got plenty of issues with Firefox that aren’t in chromium-based browsers. Mostly with media playback, but on Android the toolbar hide on scroll is a mess, no matter what it just covers the page. Makes it really hard to use a menu or click a button depending on where it is. I also have some locally run services that throw js errors in FF but not in cromite, chromium, or chrome.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t prefer FF because I acknowledge it has problems. I don’t generally view videos in my browser anyway, and I disable the hide-on-scroll feature. And if I have a particularly problematic site (the js errors), I open cromite or whatever.

    The bigger issue isn’t people talking about bugs, but downplaying the role the foundation plays in supporting users. That, imo, is where a lot of misinformation and disinformation seems to live.