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  • I had a similar experience with ketamine. I accidentally did a line that was a little too long and k-holed for the first time. During the trip I convinced myself I went insane and that I would have had to live the rest of my life inside the mind of an insane person, with no chance to ever experience the outside world again. But I was ok with that, I was like “well, it happened. Nothing I can do about it. I just got to roll with it now” lol. Then I snapped out of it. Never touched ketamine that weekend again, but the following week I wanted to repeat the experience.

    Ketamine is not a psychedelic but a khole can make you experience stuff that maybe only DMT can. Illusion of timelessness, lack of physical dimensions, absence of linearity in time and space, it’s something I’ve only been able to experience during my first k-holes

  • It’s not an easy job. You’re constantly moving weights (the truck lifts the garbage bin, but moving a 120 lt bin full of garbage from its spot to the truck and back is not easy either). When your friends are done with their workday, it’s time for you to go to bed. You have to work with bad weather, because trash bins must be emptied no matter what. I work in the IT of the company that does the garbage collection in my area. My colleagues are not very enthusiast of their job, lol. But it’s a stable job, at least. Pay is decent, but I wouldn’t call it good. In other countries though, people doing the same job are getting paid better than in Italy

  • Especially since they are aiming the service to improve sign-up reliability in countries that block telegram

    It’s mainly to offload the cost of sending verification codes via sms to users, which is one of the costs that Telegram wants to cut. As far as I remember, it amounts to, like, 7% of all their annual expenses (I will source this later). A couple of years ago they decided not to send sms verification codes when you sign in from a third-party app, and just send the code to active session. This sounds like recipe for moderation headaches and privacy disasters, but also good way to boost their premium metrics :)

  • I’ve been subscribed to premium for some time now. The things it would be difficult to give up are:

    • voice messages transcription
    • 4 gb files upload
    • real-time translations
    • ability to react to messages using custom emojis
    • ability to react with up to 3 emojis to a message
    • maybe, being able to create more than 10 folders

    These features might seem some niche features you use once in a while, but I actually use them very very often

    Premium is 2 €/month in my country, and considering how much I use Telegram (all my contacts and circles use it) and the features I mentioned above, I think it’s worth it

  • Yes, that was fast, but this is partly because of the introduction of channel giveaways a few months ago: channel owners can gift premium subscriptions to their subscribers, which will be randomly selected by Telegram (you don’t need to opt-in). The channel will then be awarded the giveaway winners’ boosts, that will let it unlock some additional features

    That means that after some months, the giveaways winners will have to decide whether to renew their premium subscription or not (which was gifted to them: they might not be as interested in Telegram’s premium features as paid users that decided to subscribe on their own). The current number of subscribers might be a spike caused by the novelty of giveaways. It’s unlikely that the trend of gifting premium subscriptions will continue to generate this much revenue, but we will see. For sure this is a very convenient moment to decide to release some numbers on premium subscriptions ;)

  • riccardo@lemmy.mlMtoVegan@lemmy.mlIs breastmilk vegan?
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    ! is here to cater to vegans, not people who are curious about vegans and want to interrogate them about things that they could much more easily discover from the first paragraph of a Wikipedia article

    Originally, this was this community’s intent too. The rules in the sidebar are willingly shallow about this kind of posts because at some point we decided not to be too strict with submissions, considering that there wasn’t that much activity and the mods were mostly afk . So posts like this are tolerated unless they become an omnis cicrclejerk/backpatting fest