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  • We’re currently facing a major issue from the GNOME Foundation side. We hope it will be resolved before it impacts the coordination of the STF project, but if not, the future of parts of the project is uncertain.

    This blog always gave me hope and joy of seeing progress in Linux. This time, the above news made me a little scared. Hope it all resolves soon.

  • there are many interesting one’s for me this issue, mainly :

    • Drag and drop of folders will now work with sandboxed applications (Drop a folder from Nautilus onto Amberol)
    • In the works is accessing USB devices with per-device, per-app permissions.
    • Adding CSS variables support to GTK.
    • Grouping notifications by app in GNOME Shell.
    • CalDAV/CardDAV support in Gnome Online accounts.

    Hope we get many of these in coming few months.