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  • I understand your point. “Program” is a more wider term. Javascript executed in your browser could be a program too. App is just a short term for a standalone program with a GUI, IMO.

    It’s just how languages change with time. For example what we simply call “libs” today used to be called by their full name “program libraries”. You don’t often see someone calling them like that anymore. I feel that communication nowadays requires us to constantly check the context in order to avoid misunderstandings. It’s maybe a reason why I don’t write that much online anymore.

  • Visual Studio Code […] is (partly or totally, I’m not sure) open source.

    Visual Studio Code is like Android is relative to the Android Open Source project. As far as I know, VS Code comes with an additional Microsoft layer of telemetry and closed source additions in its binary form. Not to mention the license which basically assumes the right to do almost anything to the underlying system. That’s why projects like VSCodium came into existence.

    Please anyone, correct me if I’m wrong.