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  • It seems that a namespace only has access to process that originates inside itself

    systemctl --user list-units 
    Failed to connect to bus: No medium found             

    as we can see, the same user doesn’t have access to other processes so we would need to duplicate every process above the namespace until we could acess the media

    would duplicate of everything - pulsewire, dbus, etc - even work ?

  • you install program A, it needs and installs libpotato then later you install program B that depends on libfries, and libfries depends on libpotato, however since you already have libpotato installed, only program B and libfries are installed The intelligence behind this is called a package manager

    In windows when you install something, it usually installs itself as a standalone thing and complains/reaks when dependencies are not met - e.g having to install Visual C++ 2005-202x for games, JRE for java programs etc

    instead of making you install everything that you need to run something complex, the package manager does this for you and keep tracks of where files are

    and each package manager/distribution has an idea of where some files be stored

  • You can configure this behavior for CLI, and by proxy could run GUI programs that require elevation through the CLI:


    Defaults passwd_timeout=0(avoids long running process/updates to timeout waiting for sudo password)

    Defaults timestamp_type=global (This makes password typing and it’s expiry valid for ALL terminals, so you don’t need to type sudo’s password for everything you open after)

    Defaults timestamp_timeout=10(change to any amount of minutes you wish)

    The last one may be the difference between having to type the password every 5 minutes versus 1-2 times a day. Make sure you take security implications into account.