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  • Like the last two general elections, this shit is going to be a nail biter. This is race will be won or lost within the margin of error.

    Volunteer and donate.

    Do you want to loose more women’s rights, environmental regulators, workplace safety regulators? Do you want billionaires to pay less taxes than you do? Do you want to double down nations bombing civilians? Do you want kids to be bullied just because Mother Nature didn’t make the hetero / cis? Do you want to disinvest from green tech?

    The GOP has told us what they want, and they have shown us what they do when they have full power. They WILL fuck the little guy.

  • Problem is, there is zero time for another primary to gauge who is the general public currently wants the most at this moment in time. All we really have is the last general election as the last real moment that the general public picked their heads of the DNC. Since Biden / Harris are incumbents, and challenging a presidential incumbent is rare AF, they didn’t really have a primary.

    IMHO, if you want to respect the voters, you kind of need to pretend that Biden has been incapacitated and Harris is being called up from his bench.

    And on top of that, she’s already on the ballots, already has the war chest of campaign cash, etc. Strategically, she is going to have the best shot. State GOP folks will have a hard time blocking her from ballot, and she can immediately start a well funded ground campaign. No one else can really do that.