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  • Google’s not been very open source for a long time.

    Android continues to remove open source from their OS over the years for proprietary binaries. They are also continuing to abstract away openness. Stock file managers can’t see inside the /sdcard/Android folder anymore. Only via USB on a computer. USB on a computer won’t copy some kinds of files into that part of the filesystem. ADB still allows you, for now.

    If you try to go to the Android File Transfer app page, it now redirects to Quick Share.

    Low level stuff continues to be taken away from the OS. Samsung Android phones in the US aren’t even allowed to turn off 5G on some carriers. All Android phones are having carrier select and network mode menus neutered in the US. Apple has more flexibility there, hilariously.

    Fun fact: Back when it all kicked off, iPhone had a pretty big open source component in the underlying Mach microkernel and supporting software and there was a whole slew of OSS on their platform.

  • OneDrive is the devil. It symlinks the file structure on Windows and then moves all your photos and such into their chosen directory. If you uninstall it, it makes a half-hearted attempt to move them back, maybe, but will just do a random subset and give up.

    After removal, you have to edit registry keys (obscure ones) to break Windows’ connection to onedrive\pictures and such, or you end up with two pictures folders in your home dir.

    So much more fail I can’t even remember right now.

  • I have watched maybe 1% of them. There were occasional gems that may not even survive a rewatch, but it’s all just so tired rinse-and-repeat, with a booming soundtrack and swooping/jiggling camera angles that let you know how to feel at every second. There’s no creativity. The people making these movies should be forced to watch films from the 1920s-1960s to learn how easy it is to create drama with absolute silence.

    I feel it’s also a disservice to reality right now in a time when everything is falling off the rails.

    We shouldn’t be filling people with false hope that some magic superheroes are going to save us from our current plights and we all just gotta Disney+ and chill, and wait for the post-credit clip showing the next twist that the next superheroes will have hammer-shields that fall out of their butt, and their joking sardonic sidekick talking cactus pilot actually has a family.

  • Even civilian concealed carry training has some hands-on courses to teach why it is trained this way. You’re also taught, “only draw your weapon if you have intent to kill,” which is sobering in and of itself.

    This leads to the bigger question: why does US cop training paint every scenario as “time to pull out the hammer, I see a nail!”? That’s fundamentally wrong at its very core. “Oh, shit, an acorn! blam! blam! blam!

    It seems the very antithesis of the US legal tenet “innocent until proven guilty” as one can’t be innocent nor proven guilty if they’re already dead.

  • You gotta remember the tape delay on moves by big corps. Google/Microsoft/Apple/etc. all are suffering after their top talent left. So they’re all slowly backpedaling their behavior.

    Big Corpo always lags behind what the FAANGXRAGNAROCK tech companies do, so they’ll likely realize the same problem has happened in another couple of quarters, mimic the behavior again, and silently backpedal.

    I’ve already seen more job listings claiming “hybrid/remote” and even companies like AT&T and Verizon are offering remote-only technical roles on their job sites now.

    Sure would be nice if these idiot companies didn’t keep copying each other and just realized that, no, I don’t want to sit in a shitty loud hot office all day. If you want me to be productive, let me work where I am. If some people like it, cool, let them!

    They should all recognize this as a cool advantage to cut down on their commercial real estate offerings, or sublet some of the space they don’t need. There’s tons of money to be had and/or saved by making these adjustments.