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    At least where I live the laws are such that publishers can claim copyrights only after they added their “editor” customizations such as publisher logos, page numbers, layout changes etc.

    The manuscript that you/the scientist wrote and handed in to the publisher is free of that, the publisher cannot claim any rights at that state. So you always have the right to publish the “unedited” manuscript anywhere including researchgate, arxiv, your website etc.

  • I agree with most of what you said. I’m not saying that the extend of the military campaign is justified or that the current balancing of objectives between saving civilians and fighting Hamas is fine and reasonable. Still to me indeed the current situation is not solely on Israel. The october attacks, the hostages and the rockets flying from Gaza to Israel are facts that did happen just as well as the killings of civilians in Gaza. We shouldn’t just ignore that.

  • No of course it is not the best policy, that’s not what I said. However it changes the story quite substantially in that a big share of the blame should be attributed also to Hamas. And leaving that part out is super dishonest.

    I do acknowledge also the civilian casualties and it’s a tragedy of course. I was just pointing out one example of bad reporting and I’m sure if you look closely there are many more cases where civilians died mainly because Hamas was hiding among them. So if you mention the deaths I feel you can’t leave out that part. But mostly what I’m trying to say is it’s not black & white and there simply are no good options for Israel: either give in to Hamas human shield tactics (for which Hamas basically takes all of Gaza hostage) or accept civilian deaths. It’s a bad position and I don’t know the answer, but I can understand that letting Hamas get away with everything is also not an option.

  • Ich bin vielleicht nicht auf dem aktuellsten Stand aber ich bin mir sicher die Inhalte sind nicht weg. Und die Inhalte sind ein Problem, das sage ich als jemand der mit ungefiltertem Internet aufgewachsen ist damals als es z.B. rotten.com gab. Zu der Zeit war das Internet vielleicht wirklich ein neues Medium und meine Eltern hatten das Bewusstsein für die Probleme nicht. Meinen Kindern will ich das aber gerne ersparen. Ich will ja aber nicht für Altersverifikation im Internet argumentieren sondern sehe die Eltern in der Pflicht die “vor dem Internet” auf dem Endgerät vorsorgen oder einfach Kinder erst mit dem Internet konfrontieren wenn die geistige Reife es zulässt.