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  • They are populated by a lot of misogynistic and sexually frustrated guys trying so hard to overcompensate what little manliness they think they have. The kind that think it’s OKAY for THEM to cheat but not the other way around.

    There was a dude from TikTok recently that’s going to get sentenced for life for murdering his wife and someone she was seeing. His reason? He tried using provocation and his emotional instability as the reason. Like, fuck you dude, you’re insecure and you didn’t use your brain power to divorce and dump her but instead you got to go and kill her?

    Now imagine that shit amplified if Republicans or Trump get into office. Women left and right would not only be imprisoned in relationships or even marriages to guys that presumably lied about themselves to get their way with these women. But now guys would have practical immunity if they even think the woman they’re dating with is cheating to kill them.

  • We’ve tried for years to tell them, without political sway or swagger, that the direction they’re going in with this poor excuse of a ‘man’ is devastating them inward and outward. The laundry list of evidence is there.

    But all that they’re going to do is yell at us about how we’re a part of Deep State, our news is ‘FAKE’, our findings are from sources distrusted by them. That because we’re smarter than them by being informed, their insecurity levels will reach all time highs and we’ll be threatened against through use of force by their choice.

    These are really the kinds of people that just has to learn the hard way. They’re the kind of people that stay behind during tornadoes and hurricanes as they all go “wow…that’s amazing” as everything is destroyed around them and they’re at high risk of being taken along for a painful ride.

  • Fuck them. It’s their choice. This conman will sell them all out again when he gets the chance.

    This voterbase of his are living in an entire universe of their own from ours. They’ve been convinced that any negative that happens, is “winning” against their opposers. The easily duped. The mislead. The fools. They know not any better even in the face of reason and logic. Even as their friends and family have died, gotten jailed or been fucked over by the very party they continue voting for who lied to them about how they were going to “make this country great again”.

    So at this point, these people are systematically committing suicide by political association.

  • Same. I’m looking around at the KBin instance and it’s in bad shape, some of the communities are in. The admin is MIA due to IRL issues with health so he can’t be around to help. Moderators are abandoning already weakened communities that are now stuffed with bots and spam content.

    The only real lively community is over in Lemmy’s instances. But, the Fediverse still yet has a long ways to go, it needs more maturity as an alternative and needs more time to gather membership that’ll hopefully be comparable to reddit’s but not in quantity but quality.