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  • The problem is that a lot of those type of loons post some really easy to find batshit craziness online, the kind that means they have to be booted from the party.

    With the speed of reforms decision to run and field so many candidates running properly vetted selection would have been very difficult and expensive. The money Farage talked about spending on vetting was nowhere near enough to do a proper job.

    So I am not surprised if they invented fake people, far harder for the press to out loons if they don’t actually exist. It’s right on brand for the likes of Farage to break the rules like that.

  • Yuki just isn’t rated by Marko and Christian, when was the last time that they talked about promoting him? I really really can’t remember when. Which is unfair on him as he’s really improved and done well against Danny. Regardless he just isn’t fast enough to beat Max.

    Instead they talk about Danny getting promoted, still at the last race, which is mind boggling with how inconsistent he’s been vs. Yuki. However it would be the most Danny thing ever to get promoted and suddenly be amazing against Max so I do not rule out him turning it around completely.

    Lawson isn’t going straight to Red Bull, he couldn’t even get into the RB ahead of Danny or Yuki this year. He has to wait for a decision around Danny first, so he’s behind him, and I feel bad for him. He might be fast enough but who knows without him being given a shot in the RB first.

  • I don’t buy that at all. The Tories yeah 100%, but they aren’t there anymore, the adults are back in charge and the EU is going to want to shutdown right wing morons that have been spreading across the EU by showing Brexit was always a shit idea.

    The stages of Brexit copium are very similar to the narcissist prayer, we are at the point equivalent to you deserved it right now with the excuses to stay out.

  • Are you forgetting Starmers statements around women only spaces as it seems like it.

    Farages entire point of existence is to drag the overton window to the right, which he succeed yet again, particularly around Brexit.

    The other big concession Starmer made, this time because of the Tories, was not to raise taxes, which was also incredibly dumb. As was honouring triple lock.

    My biggest issue with Starmer making claims like these is that he will stick to them. Someone like Boris is too lazy and an out and out liar so has no problem dropping things. Starmers big pitch to be different is that he will stick with what he says.

    By sticking to what he said around terfs issues, Brexit, taxes, he really fucks his options in these areas, and for what? As you and I have both said, toil not out crazy Farage or be trusted by people who these are important issues for, so it’s a massively stupid thing to do.

  • The only reason he was out there was because it was faster, it’s the only reason they all do it. If it’s meant to be part of the track then it would be in the race director’s notes for where the track limit is for that corner.

    So basically he can fuck off as it should be the same for everyone, that’s the whole point of the race directors notes to make that clear to every driver. It ceases to be an advantage of everyone can do it so making it a grey area is his point here.

    Now when it comes to overtaking if you get pushed wide that should be interpreted one way with it absolutely not counting to your track limits violations and if you choose to run wide to hold onto the position that should be interpreted the other way.

  • Just makes starmers buffoonery of stating we will not rejoin in his lifetime, likely to be another 30 years, look daft. Labour was never going to be a trusted choice for ex ukippers choosing who to vote for this time no matter what he said. It’s pointless pandering that will cost him long-term as either we stay out and carry on costing the economy or he rejoins and looks a flipper.

  • She wanted to be in the prime position of rebuilding the Tory party with her anti deep state, libertarian ass hattery. It has been obvious since she fucked up that the Tories were going to lose this election big time and she had one of the safest seats in the Country so she would have been confident she would have retained it.

    The other option she would have wanted to achieve this aim, to be promoted to the House of Lords, is out as there is currently a queue of ex PMs as no Tory PM wanted to promote either Blair or Brown and its normally done in order.

    Make no mistake, there is going to be a vicious fight of the direction the Tories take with this period of rebuilding.

  • Yet Lib Dems gained a ton of seats with over 70, and Reform only 4 at the time of me writing my message. Lib Dem wasn’t that far behind total percentage of the vote vs. Reform, 12% vs, 14%, which considering they are almost opposite platforms means we shouldn’t be talking about Reform in isolation.

    Labours total vote percentage is down from 2017 and only a few percent up from 2019, so the Tories collapsed losing about 20% of the vote from 2019. Labour following the center right meant they lost more moderate votes to Lib Dems and were not trusted on right wing issues as Reform picked up those votes.

  • So looking forward to the next five years…

    Looking at how Reform and Lib Dems made significant gains in vote share you have to wonder if its still worth Labour chasing after the right wing vote that Reform achieved. I just do not see the where the voters who voted Reform actually believe Starmer on the key issues that Reform campaigned on, immigration, anti “woke”, and Brexit. I cannot see Labour ever gaining the lead on those issues over someone like Farage who will always position himself to the right of whatever Labour or the Tories campaign on. I cant even see Labour being trusted at the voting booth on these right wing issues over a rebuilt Tory party. Its a fools errand to try.

    The Lib Dem vote share, as with Reform, boosted by previous Tory voters but Lib Dems campaigned on almost the opposite of Reform (with some tactical, local, NIMBYism) and achieved way more seats on a lower overall percentage vote than Reform. If you are going to pick a direction to go in, wouldn’t it make more sense to move towards the Lib Dems position to shore up in time for the next election?

    Labour did worse total percentage of the vote than 2017, its more that the Tories collapsed losing about 20% of their vote that caused this swing in seats. The Tories will rally next time around and a lot of the seats look winnable for them with only a small local swing. The current stance of Labour simply isn’t popular enough to be a vote winner against a rebuilt Tory party.