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  • I’m not saying they can’t track you. I’m saying the person who told you that they’re not doing it by MAC was right, and your reply was not only wrong but painfully self righteous for a guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about about.

    Also, changing your IP, clearing cookies, and installing a plugin that obfusticates your browser fingerprint ought to be enough. The second two are essentially what you did by blowing out your OS.

  • Sure, and all of that goes out the window on a mobile app that doesn’t play by browser rules.

    This has nothing to do with browser rules. It’s how tcp/ip works.

    And 96% of reddit is on mobile

    And 100% of phones have a unique hardware ID visable to any app with the “read phone state” permission. Why the hell would anyone use a MAC address to identify you? And which MAC address would they use? The wifi nic? The mobile nic? The Bluetooth MAC?

    Idk about iPhones but MAC addresses on android are randomized by default. Maybe learn even the tiniest bit about what you’re talking about before you go calling people naive.

  • If you’re talking about the fairness doctrine, it required broadcast networks to devote equal time to both sides of controversial issues. It never applied to opinion shows, which are like 2/3rds of the content on 24 hour cable news networks, and it never applied to cable. You could bring it back tomorrow and it wouldn’t change anything about Fox News.

    There is not, nor has there ever been, a legal ‘standard of truth’ for news media. There shouldn’t be. If you trust the government to decide what is true and punish the media for reporting otherwise, what’s to stop trump or the next trump from weaponizing that? That is why the first amendment exists.