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    I disagree. It doesn’t matter to me if it is bots or grumpy users dow voting. I think the overall benefit of having them treated the same out weighs negatives of abuse. It adds value to the masses vs enabling the individual, yep it comes with feeling bad but that is life. Pushes quality of posts and discussion, some post truly don’t deserve a retort only a downvote. Got to be fair and fair includes the ugly.

  • Here, we observe a remarkable display: the unhinged retort from an individual uncertain of their niche within the grand tapestry of life. These are the ramblings of what might be termed a ‘Cultura Superioris’—a creature that feeds not just on plants, but on the sumptuous fare of perceived moral superiority. This behavior, fascinating in its complexity, seems driven by an insatiable appetite to elevate one’s status above the fray, nourished by the wholesome food of self-declared virtue.

  • A most peculiar phenomenon unfolds. Here we observe the aggressive vegan in their natural habitat. Watch closely as this complex social interaction escalates. Here, the aggressive vegan, a creature driven not just by dietary preference but a fierce moral compass that points invariably to the nearest source of conflict over animal rights. Listen closely to the ranting “Listen up! The vegan empire is taking over! We demand organic arugula and broccoli for everyone—resistance is useless. Accept our leafy greens now! They are the spearhead of a new era of dietary purity!”

  • I agree with many of the sentiments of vegans. However living in a city filled with militant vegans has turned me off supporting them, that is an emotional response based on my lived experience. All the gibberish you spouted can go right back at you as your diatribe shows your own bias as well. So keep claiming superiority it won’t sway people with all your superior knowledge. If you know so much try a tactic that is more supportive instead of belittling people.