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  • Yeh, hopefully the new government enables building for humans and the environment.
    As opposed to the “fuck the environment, build for companies” that we have had for a while.

    One of the biggest improvements will be better contract allocation. Like not giving a ferry contract to a company that doesn’t have, hasn’t run and does not plan to run any ferries. Or whatever the fuck HS2 was supposed to be other than a government funded land grab. And COVID was a turbulent time for everything, but the fucker of contracts and waste should never be repeated.

  • Nginx Proxy Manager is probably perfect for you.
    Pick a domain (like mylab.home or something), set up your home network to resolve that domains IP as your docker hosts IP.
    NPM will do self-signed certs. So, you will get a “warning, Https is insecure” kinda page when you visit it. You could import NPMs root cert into your OS/browser so it trusts it (or set up an “don’t warn for this domain” or something).

    If you don’t want per-client config to trust it, then you need to buy a domain, use a DNS that supports letsencrypt DNS-challenge, and grab certs that way (means you don’t need a publicly accessible well-known route exposed)