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  • Every time I have to fire up my Fb account, I’m stunned at how shit React is. It’s appalling how bad that framework has become. Maybe if they cared about implementing solid code and less about raping your life of metadata in order to sell you the worst products on the planet thru their “partners” things would be better.

  • Not many processors have AV1 hardware decoders yet (Apple thru them in on their M3’s last year and latest iPhone 15 Pros) so I can’t see it being that. There’s also software decoding that works fine. My wallpaper on macOS has been avif since last year (Sonoma) and works without issue. I don’t think it works in Windows 10 tho. No issues with the latest Ubuntu and I’m not familiar at all with Android OS.

    In any case, I think it’s the best thing to come out in a long time. My website with raw PNGs was about 120MB. I crushed those PNGs with noticeable quality loss down to 50MB. I then crushed the original 120MB down to 60MB with minimal to no visual quality loss using webp. But I got it down to 25MB without loss using avif at 85% compression. Just insane performance, couldn’t be more impressed!

  • Like if you have blurry vision, and you don’t wear vision-correcting glasses, does that set off an inevitable downward spiral of degradation of your vision?

    Not really. It depends on how bad. But not having good eyesight which leads to blurry vision isn’t a blanket condition, in that, your entire world isn’t just a blur. You can focus on some things (far sighted vs near sighted) and even if you can’t see well close-up, you can still force your eyes in some circumstances to produce better vision if you put in effort. It’s like trying to lift a bag that’s too heavy for you. You may not be able to get it above your head, but maybe you can lift it off the floor if you try hard enough.

    What causes an inevitable degradation is more to do with age and how our bodies just fail over time. Headaches and other ailments associated with poor vision are the number one cause for most people to see an optometrist. Your eyes can only handle so much load before it takes a toll. Which should be the red flag for you and your “blurry” glasses.

    Closing your eyes is the most ideal because it cuts off sensory information, which saves energy (your sensory and motor cortex are spared or operate with less resources). It’s like lying still vs running a marathon. It requires a lot of energy for your brain to continually process info. And humans are visual creatures. We take vision above all else. If it looks like a duck, but sounds like a sheep and smells like bread, it’s still a duck to us. Which tells you just how much of our brain is carved out for that sense.

    Baggage checkers at airports that sit behind the x-ray machine usually lose sharpness after about 30m (which means they can allow potentially dangerous objects onto aircrafts). Attention is super expensive and if you call on someone’s total, undivided attention, that can only be maintained for so long before the brain sort of checks out.

    And not it’s not a dumb question.

    gila@lemm.see answered your question below regarding simulated blurriness and I added a bit to it if you want to read more.

  • It is different for simulated blurriness, because simulated blurriness can’t be modulated by your ocular muscles, so they won’t reflexively strain to focus.

    You couldn’t really achieve that effect by actually putting any kind of lens in front of your eyes though. That is not a simulation of blurriness, it is actual blurriness.

    This is the correct answer. It’s like using an image with depth to work your depth perception: it won’t work because you can’t transition between each layer to bring them into focus. Seamen who stay in submarines for extended periods are prohibited from driving for quite a while when they get back on land because a submarine is too small of an enclosed space and your depth perception crumbles over time when it’s not being used.

    Turning your world into a blur will basically cause your eyes to try and hyper focus at all times, unable to do so. This will lead to massive eye strain but also a ton of headaches and other ailments. It is the opposite of relaxation for your body.

  • FBI testing heavily damaged the firearm before Baldwin’s team was able to examine it for any potential modifications, and authorities failed to photograph the individual elements of the firearm beforehand, the defense had argued.

    Looks like he’s still sticking to his “the gun just fired by itself” defence. Which is both sad and confusing as he pulled it out on set with the intention to pull the trigger for the scene. Whether it went off on its own is moot as even if it didn’t, he would still moments later have pulled the trigger. It’s not like the gun flew out of hits holster and shot Hutchins.

    The FBI and an independent firearms expert found the gun functioned normally and would not fire without the trigger depressed, but Baldwin’s defense team has argued that the firearm was prone to malfunctioning.

    So you admittedly used a known, malfunctioning gun? How is that better or even exonerates him in this case? I guess based on his history with finance, he got one of those bargain basement lawyers to build his defence.

    The entire set was a gong show and this is what happens when you don’t follow the proper safety rules and bring in a bunch of unqualified people because you stiffed the former crew for pay. Sad that an innocent person had to die.

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    Dynamite in water is the same basic principle used for sea mines. History has taught us those actually work. With the bullet, it’s more about surface tension which makes sense as falling from a high enough cliff onto water if you don’t land right is nearly the same as falling onto concrete.

    Cool stuff regardless and I always found their testing to be quite spot on, scientifically.