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  • Gnome and other desktops need to start working on integrating FOSS AI models so that we don’t become obsolete.

    I don’t get it. How Linux destops would become obsolete if they don’t have native AI toolsets on DEs? It’s not like they have a 80% market share. People who run them as daily drivers are still niche, and most don’t even know Linux exists. Most ppl grown up with Microsoft and Apple shoving ads down their throat, using them in schools first hand, and that’s all they know and taught. If I need AI, I will find ways to intergrate to my workflow, not by the dev thinks I need it.

    And if you really need something like MS’s Recall, here is a FOSS version of it.

  • Consider the level privacy of an interoperable / federated network is only as good as the node with the lowest level of privacy. The moment you connect to Meta infra, you’re feeding it data, including but not limited to who you talked with, when you online, your message frequency, and possibly a whole lot more. Then they can start linking other bits to form a complete profile of you.

    It is just slightly better than installing WA., and also part of tge reasons why many Mastodon and Lemmy server refuse to federate with Meta Threads.