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  • Not exactly boned but it probably doesn’t make practical difference to store “local time + tzinfo timezone” than just UTC time.

    • You record an event occurring at local time
    • You store it as UTC
    • Local time zone definition changes
    • Well whoop de loo, now you need to go through tzinfo to make sense of the past data anyway rather than relying on a known offset

    Even if you store everything in UTC, you may be safe… but figuring out the local time is still convoluted and involves a trip through tzinfo.

  • DAM as in digital asset management. Fancy word for “image library organiser”.

    Oh, everything works with Affinity. Thing is, Adobe is pretty much the only software ecosystem that is subtly (or not so subtly) making people think inwards. “I’d love to try that piece of software, but if it’s not running as a Photoshop/Lightroom plug in, is it even worth trying?” Whereas when people who use other software are more likely to go “Well my favourite software package doesn’t do thing X, but I have this other piece of software that does that, it’s not even a hassle.”

    Also, when I switched from digiKam to ACDSee, at no point did I have to go “but what about my Adobe-locked-in catalogue, oh no!”…

  • Well, the whole point of NaNoWriMo is to produce a viable first draft. Some of these are so far removed from final draft it’s not even funny. None of these drafts are good enough to be accepted by editors at publishing houses, sadly. …No matter if we’re operating in the ideal sphere of literary merit or the actual crass sphere of marketability publishers respect.

  • Might as well share my weirdest proto social media thing.


    (I’m in Finland. This happened in the afternoon.)

    I was leaving work. I distinctly remember a coworker being alarmed about news.

    I turned to the usual news source. Slashdot. Massive bloody thread about airplanes hitting the World Trade Center.

    OK, that’s pretty bad.

    I finally turn to TV news. …OK, stuff is far more in flames than I expected. I think I caught one of the towers collapsing in live TV.

    But the following days, my primary news source about 9/11 was, actually, IRC! There was a channel on Freenode where a bot posted headlines about 9/11 investigations. Because the actual news websites were bloody dead under the massive traffic.

  • Joke’s on you, Microsoft.

    First of all, I already have Game Pass, so you don’t get any new sales.
    Second, if I open the settings app in Windows 11, it just straight up crashes. (Can access the other tabs, e.g. through desktop customisation. But if I go to the front page, it crashes.)

    It was broken by the update that supposedly added some other ads. But I’ve not seen them! I had to disable the “recommendations” in start menu because it made the start menu not work at all (due to the aforementioned crash, same deal).

    This actually really sucks, though. Windows Store apps do not update themselves, Xbox services stopped working (due to being unable to update WS games), and I don’t know if Windows Update works or not. I guess I need to reinstall when I get arsed to.

  • Up to 2.x, GNOME used what was basically the MacOS philosophy: make things easy and simple and intuitive, but if the user wants finer control and power features, make sure it’s still possible somehow. GNOME 3 and later pretty much adopted the philosophy that there’s the GNOME path of simplicity and streamlining, and power user functionality is going to be removed from the core and relegated to extensions. And, of course, GNOME started requiring boatloads of memory to run, which to me didn’t go hand in hand with “simplicity”.

    I eventually settled on using XFCE, because it didn’t have the bloat and still had enough customisability. Really good environment for old and underperforming systems. If I’m using a modern high performance system, I’m actually pretty impressed by what KDE Plasma is doing these days.