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  • I haven’t used Google in about 3 years. I use duckduckgo and I just eventually figured out how to use it, you have to be a little more specific but I can get what I’m looking for straight away these days. I’m aware they’re not private anymore since they got bought out but I use technology like this with the assumption any data that can be collected, is collected, and will be sold off at some point, so don’t search anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother knowing about lol.

  • My current META for this is just saying “Do you know about <thing>?” wait for their response and if they know we’re done! If they say “No” I then ask “Do ya wanna hear about it? Approx listening time <x> minutes!” and respect their answer.

    It’s about etiquette and giving them a choice. You have to be prepared for them to say “no” to hearing about that thing you’d like to info dump about. It’s not that dissimilar to getting consent if you think about it, it’s rude to just start shoving your information into their brainhole, so to speak lol

  • I suspect people view their childhood and/or late teens through rose colored glasses, they remember the isolated moments of joy without the surrounding context, I remember being stressed about exams, unsure about the future, unsure of even my own identity, plenty of other concerns, but sure I enjoyed a few sleepovers and gaming sessions with friends but when we’re remembering those days fondly it is from a safe perspective knowing all those concerns were resolved in a positive way, a survivorship bias, those that “failed at life”, became homelessness/suicide(drugs etc), aren’t here to reminisce with us all about the “simpler” times.