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  • Unless youve never noticed, America has a huge Nationalism problem and always has. Drive through any subdivision and you’ll see flags on many houses. Go to a sporting event and you’ll see the National Guard in some capacity. America has always been a nation that skirts the edges of Fascism just waiting to be led there.

    Source - a Canadian that has been there to smaller towns many many times.

  • I like to keep it simple. Everything aside, this is what a large chunk of the population voted in. I don’t care about policies. I don’t care about politics. On a core “decent human being” level a large chunk of the population is ok with this man representing them.

    Speaks volumes of every single person that supports him and the party that props him up.

  • Nazi Germany as an example was a populist and nationalist movement that rose out of the austerity plan from WW1. Yes it is very much linked with fascism.

    What we are experiencing in America and Canada right now is a rise in populism and nationalism which again is dragging fascism along on its heels. Again, they are all very much tied together.

    Beyond that I’m not going to argue with someone with their head up their ass. History has proven again and again that Populism, Nationalism and Fascism are all similar and travel together repeatedly. Do they always? No.

  • I get where you’re coming from with needing an official diagnosis for work accommodations, but none of your friends are really going to demand to see a doctor’s note, so why would personal relationships depend on an official diagnosis?

    The same reasons as from a professional experience. Yes they aren’t going to pull the doctor’s note but neither is work IMHO. What it does is provide more weight behind your words of “hey I’m not just googling this shit. I’m not just an insufferable asshole looking to validate that I am. I’m actually working with a psychologist.”

    Friends, just like coworkers, etc. care less of the diagnosis. They want to know you’re working on you because I’d argue writ large people want to see you succeed. A self-diagnosis can help but it doesn’t give you access to all the tools you may need to succeed so from the outside I would argue that official diagnosis matters. It means you now have someone else on your “team” be it a GP or a psychologist or whatever helping you navigate things.