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  • Lets be realistic, companies won’t want to make it open source because they think it will lead to a loss of revenue (there is a mindset of “never work for free”). openttd basically led to loss of revenue because now that there is a open source version (even the assets got re-implemented) people that are playing that are not playing proprietary games (including the proprietary original version).

    You might argue there is no significant loss, but i don’t think you can prove that especially to the people who own the companies which include pension fund managers who only care about the profits because if they will underperform people will go to some other pension fund or invest in other stuff like real estate.

    A source available license is a more realistic option , You get the source code and permission to improve it but still have to pay something to run the game.

  • source available can allow a lot of things including modification of the source code (and in particular adding quality of life improvements and updating the code to run on modern platforms). Some restrictions like not allowing selling or even not allowing competition (for example allowing the game engine to run only the original game , or disallowing the removal of monetization).

    If you look at openage (age of empires 2 reimplementation) the game is not playable 25 years after release and that game is considered a classic, we could lose a lot of very good games or software.

  • He is locked in California, a fairly progressive and leftist state i think , I am not entirely certain all that therapy is a good thing, i think i watched a documentary saying that psychopaths only learn from therapy how to be better manipulators and i feel like he sounds like psychopath even now.

    With that said if he gets out of prison i think he should be allowed to participate in FOSS (when someone reviews his contributions), i can’t help but wonder if his reportedly unhinged behavior on the kernel mailing list was handled better (e.g. mandating he will go to therapy) the murder would not have happened.

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    You realize that the owner could be a truck driver for texas? that’s what mutual funds and pension funds do, they manage assets.

    and taking a fixed price is like having a grocery store where all the products have the same price, businesses do a cost benefit analysis (estimating stuff like costs and expected income), having a single price does not make sense.

  • I have been with multiple different communities that had GPL and other licensed code stolen for profit in proprietary programs. In all instances, the FSF, SFC and EFF were all contacted and nobody cared.

    at least the SFC did some enforcing that worked, but i got the feeling these organisations are too “nice” , If the case is a slam dunk maybe it is possible to get a lawyer who will work by getting a large percentage of the earnings.