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  • I over slept for work that morning and my mother screamed that I needed to get out of bed because the world was on fire.

    I got my work clothes on in a minute because I was a teenage dirt bag, baby. By the time I got to the living room she was in tears because the Pentagon was going up in smoke.

    I’m not sure if it was survival instinct or what, but I said, ‘Silly Government, tricks are for kids!’

    I just remember her shouting, “This is serious!” As I dashed to my car.

    The radio sucked that morning. Pretty much all the fm band was nothing but church talk. The walkman I had plugged into my stereo was off charge, so I had to listen to some Spanish sermon as I wondered if the Spencer’s I worked at was going to be blown up.

    This has been a ‘9-11 Moment’, reply with ‘I was there.’ if you’d like to know more.