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  • What if there’s a bot that posts close to high value copyrighted materials? But it’s still legal due to the diffusion magic. Like I dunno Donald Duck exploring his infatuation with Darth Vader. They’ll toss their lawyers on it and perhaps improve things for everybody?

    Legal Disclaimer: The characters “Donald Duck” and “Darth Vader” are proprietary and copyrighted intellectual property. “Donald Duck” is a registered trademark of Disney Enterprises, Inc., and “Darth Vader” is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. All rights pertaining to these characters and their associated trademarks are expressly reserved by their respective copyright owners. The references to “Donald Duck” and “Darth Vader” herein are made solely for purposes of commentary and illustration within a non-commercial context. This use does not imply any affiliation with, nor endorsement by, the owners of these copyrights and trademarks, and should not be construed as a challenge to said copyrights or trademarks.

    Also I heard X is public space or sum :p

  • I think we have different information. What I’ve read showed that the commission had a very broad and extreme proposal just as you just mentioned. I’d definitely not be on board with that.

    However the parliament’s proposal was way more restrictive. If I understood it right it’s the commission that makes proposals but the parliament can react to it and this goes back and forth. The parliament is the one in the end that turns it into law.

    I’m still a newbie in this area because I wasn’t able to vote due to my circumstances until last week.

    As I mentioned before this might just be a standard day at the office for them. The commission makes wide and extreme proposals. Perhaps they even survey that stuff and look at the public opinion and allow time for debate. Eventually they create a reasonable law.

  • Yes heat can do damage. Personally I focus on managing that. So like when I hit it with medium heat for 1 or 2 seconds I’ll leave it and move. And then I’ll do a cold pass.

    Also when showering you’ll want to keep it on warm, not hot. And finish with cold. Also for your skin. Doesn’t have to be annoying cold, but just to cool your skin and hair down.

    Think of the heat as being stored in it and you have to remove it again, and you don’t want to get it too hot.

    You might wanna look up some info on that if you really wanna know. This hairdryer was 13 euros and an Airbnb guest bought it because she needed it. She had beautiful long hair.

    Note that spray bottles can suck. You’ll probably wanna get one from a beauty store.

  • Ok you might want to experiment with an air dryer using all the info online. Changed my life.

    I wash my hair every day with water, unless I’m lucky and it survived the night. Towel pat it, and don’t let it air dry. You’ll wanna go through it many times with medium hot hair and then cool again with cold air. Every time bunching it up with that big piece that goes on the dryer. Don’t hold it long because hot hair isn’t good for hair. Just keep going until its dry.

    The idea is that your hair sets when it dries. If you air dry it like that, the weight will pull it down and it’ll set like that. That’s why you’ll wanna go through it and shape it constantly. I go for maximum fluff.

    Product-wise let me go ahead and refer you to the curly girl method, which you can find online. You’ll especially want to avoid sulfate containing shampoo. One easy way is to go for products that are specifically for curly hair and get the whole line from one company and do what it says on the back.

    I wash it with product once it doesn’t really play friendly any more. That’s after about 7 to 10 days for me. This also allows you to buy more expensive product.

    Only brush it when it is wet and use one of those coarse padded brushes. I brush it while under the shower. Doing that daily also helps with reducing hair laying around.

    Lastly you’ll want to get a water spray bottle. One that really makes tiny droplets. You can use it after air drying or whenever you go outside. Just spray it in and scrunch it up here and there to make it pop. As it dries it’ll make it pop even more.